Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pro-Life Is Also A Choice -

Okay - I am going to get on my soapbox and I am NOT going to be politically correct...

Tim Tebow will be in a Super Bowl commercial about pro-life - This is a simply a commercial talking about his mom's choice to maintain her risky pregnancy - she chose to give life to her son... Tim Tebow - a young man that I admire... A young man - who is not afraid to reach the unreached... A young man who has gained the respect of all that know him - A young man who won the Heisman Trophy in his sophomore year of college.. A young man that - I believe is so transparent - that he amazes me...

I do NOT understand why some women groups get so upset when pro-life is discussed.... Why is the idea of choosing to give birth to a child so offensive to them? What is so wrong? Obviously, their mother chose to give life to them.... was that bad?

Pro Choice - is a choice..... Pro Choice does NOT mean to abort a child... It means - Women have a choice..... A choice to give life..... A choice to bless a family with a child.... A choice to love another human being... I believe these women groups should embrace this commercial because if there was not a choice - this commercial would not exist.... This commercial is promoting that there are options... and life for an unborn child is also a choice....


  1. I always find it interesting that those who claim to be so open-minded and accepting are never accepting of a different way of thinking. I am not surprised there is heat over this commercial, because you are right.

  2. This was a great post and I totally get and feel what you are saying. Thank you for sharing this

  3. I'm so impressed with Tim Tebow. I agree with you here. It often seems that those who say they are pro-choice, are anti-life.

  4. Oh I am so on you soap box! Why is it we can have commericals about the before, during and after the sex act but we can't have one for the consequences of it. Oh wait we do have one, for the morning after pill! Ugh, I am so frustrated at those who find this commerical offesive. But one thing is for sure, thanks to those people, the word is getting out more now then if it just aired at the super bowl.
    Ok brushing off the soap box and getting down now.....

  5. Great post, and I totally agree.

  6. Well said. It's my understanding that some of the groups protesting the commercial haven't even seen it.

  7. I have no problem with the commercial. What I do have a problem with is that they are spending 2 million to further a political agenda. That money could provide prenatal care for women who cannot afford it. That money could keep open a women's shelter. That money could help so many people directly. But it is wasted. Life period, do they really care. Or they just want to keep furthering an agenda. So a choice is made and it has nothing to do with life.

  8. Great Post! You are Right! 100% with you!

  9. thanks for all your comments. I had a heart to heart with my husband about this blog and even though he agrees that pro-choice should mean the choice to choose Life or abort.... but he also said that he did not thing the Super Bowl was the appropriate place - and the more we talked about it - I leaned towards his opinion - also Joan's comment is also true - instead of spending millions on a one time commercial during the most expensive opportunity - why not broadcast the commercial in a less expensive spot and use the additional monies to help women and children in shelters.

    Love to all of you and thanks for stopping by and letting your thoughts be known..



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