Sunday, January 17, 2010

Proving I Am Right To My Kid...

I miss the days when my kids believed that I had all the answers..... My wisdom was never questioned... I was Mom and Mom knew it all and if she did not - Dad did... Sometimes - my answers could be so vague and that was okay - Mom spoke and there you have it...

Today - Mom and Dad know NOTHING.. We are not even remotely close to knowing anything.. We are prehistoric creatures that have no concept of today's music.... today's movies.... today's anything.... We are ancient relics to be humored.... to have eyes rolled at...

Today we were driving home from church and my eldest started talking about the different things her friends say at school... Everything that is uttered by her 13 and 14 year old friends is always true and because I have no concept of the "real world" her friends are right and I am wrong.... I often hear things like -well so and so said it and I have no reason not to believe that her parents let her stay out till the wee hours of the morning... Well - I know for a fact that so and so did it (something so bizarre and impossible- I can't remember what it was) - I ask her how she knows for a fact - well my kid answer by saying .. so and so told me.. and I have no reason not to believe her.. Are you seeing a pattern here?

In the car I asked my kid point blank - "Do I have to prove to you that I am right for you to believe me? Or will you take my word for it because I have been around for some time? She told me that she believed I was wrong and in order for her to believe me I had to prove it...... Yes, I know I was playing into the game and it should have ended there... but oh no... I had to prove that Mom still has it.... Thank God for Google...


  1. Give them a few years. My married daughter, who is 27 has lately been telling me that she is figuring out that I did know what I was talking about back then! What a wonderful thing to hear!

  2. Having lived thru 4 teenagers and almost through the 5th...I am laughing. As adults...after they begin to have their own kids....all of a sudden you actually gain your intelligence back!

    Hugs and prayers,

  3. It's amazing how stupid parents are when kids are teens and how much smarter we get as they get older!

  4. They say when our kids hit their early twenties, their parents suddenly become smart. I'm still waitng!!!! I'm really smart on the days they need something like money!!

  5. LOL!!! It just warms my heart when my kids say to me, "Mom, remember when you said such and such, well you were RIGHT"!!! Ahhhhh redemption...

  6. Had the same problem with the sons when they were young. But add into the equation teachers. Got tired of hearing "my teacher said.." It was ok when they were in elementary school at the same school I worked, but then came middle and high school. Now as young adults, they are listening to what I have to say and it is heart warming. Though it doesn't mean they always do what I say, at least they heard me.

  7. My soon to be 13 year old loves to say to me now, "Mom, are you sure? Do you know what you're talking about?" My youngest is 4 and she says, "Mom, you know everything."

  8. yes I try telling my 8yr old that she doesn't know everything either!
    cute blog grabbed my attention esp after I blogged about my own mom this morning! you've got a new follower!



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