Monday, January 18, 2010

The Queen of Excuses

My teen has become the 'The Queen of Excuses" and it is driving me INSANE.... I can never get a straight answer - But I will get a full on dialog of things that have nothing whatsoever to do with what I am asking...


Me: "Is your room picked up?
Nikki: "I have a power point presentation due"

Me: "Is your room picked up?"
Nikki: "I have to wash my hair....again"

Me: "Is your room picked up?"
Nikki: "Maybe..."

Me: "Is your room picked up? Answer my question, please"
Nikki: "Sort of..."

Me: "Yes or No?
Nikki: "I have a power point presentation due (next month), I have to wash my hair, and my favorite show is on..."

Me: "Clean your room now"
Nikki: " I have a power point presentation due, I have to wash my hair, wash my face, get my clothes ready for tomorrow, and my favorite show is on...."

Me: "Clean it now!"
Nikki: "Yes, mom..."

This example is not even the tip of the iceberg but I think you get the idea......


  1. Oh I get those excuses all the time. My favorite is my sons will say that can't do it because they have to go to work later in the day. If they do (insert job here), they'll be too tired to go to work.

  2. Too funny. My sons just look at me when I ask the question over and over again. I can imagine what my 4 year old daughter will have to say when she's a teen. Now she already says to me, "Mom, can't you see I'm busy?" She even does it in that teen sarcastic tone :)

  3. She is definitely a teenager. This might not work for you since she's a girl, but it works with my boys. I turn the tables on them and wehen they ask me something like whats for dinner, I give them the same kind of vague nonanswers they give me.

  4. I am glad I have a few more years to prepare for this it any better with boys!?

  5. I have the male version of this with our teen boys. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Best to you and the family, hope you all are doing okay w/all this rain!

  6. So, that's what it's like to talk to my husband, my daughter and my son...sometimes the dog.

  7. Kids seem to be growing up so quickly; are the teen years starting earlier? I hope not! This was a cute post.

  8. I wonder what would have happened had you asked if the Power Point Presentation was done or if she had washed her hair. :)

  9. Hi there! my little diva is only 5 and I am already getting excuses from her. I could just imagine when she is a teenager.

  10. It starts early -- nobody told me HOW early!!

    I'm newer here, but I have shown you some awards love on my blog. :-) Check it out when you get a chance!



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