Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Really Happened Was....

Sometimes you have to count to ten (10) and then count to ten (10) again. I am a big believer in allowing my children to learn from their mistakes.... I believe they should fight and/or negotiate their own battles - to a point. But when I come to my kid's school to pick her up and her eye is red and swollen because some girl hit her.... my mama bear claws flare out!

I tried to be the grown up and be rationale so I asked her what happened.... I tried to use the matter of fact tone so not to cause undue stress, drama, whatever... She said that she went up to her friend and "lightly" pushed her on the shoulder like they do every day - usually the friend would push back - they would laugh and they would go on their merry way.... Well, today - the friend must have had a bad day because instead of pushing "lightly" back the girl started hitting my kid with her jacket sleeve over and over again - so much so that my kid will wake up with a black eye in the morning....

Okay - I am trying to be mom detective - is this serious? Do I need to notify the school? As I was trying to make the wise and mature adult decision - one of my kid's friends came up and asked why the other friend was slapping her over and over again while my kid kept saying stop.... My first thought was why didn't my kid haul off and pound on the assailant ... but you know - I couldn't say that one... So I decided to go to the Principal's office. I had my kid explain to him what happened - but my kid's story changed slightly from it's a huge deal and the friend said she was happy she hurt my kid - to we are friends and I don't think she really meant to hurt me...

So here I am not knowing what to think.. geez preteen drama....... I don't remember being like this - but I am guessing my older sisters and mom would assure me I was..... and by the way - the Principal is having a sit down with both girls tomorrow - even in fun, drama, and anger - you should never never hit - unless you are defending yourself.... at least that's my take...

What do you think?


  1. If your child received an injury the school should be notified. Then you can pursue how and why and who is responsible.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. I am glad she goes to a Christian school where the Principal showed love, understanding, and prayed with her - both girls are going to his office in the morning to discuss what happened. Kara's eye looks much better and I don't think it will be black in the morning.
    Love to you.

  3. I would say that if it's being addressed by the principal, I'd leave it at that for now. But if it ever happens again, and let's hope it doesn't, I would take a more vigorous course of action.

  4. Kelly,

    No matter what side of the story you hear, I think in today's world we have to keep all parties in the loop and teach that this type of behavior is never acceptable by anyone.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. I deal with this on a daily basis at school. The best advice is to nip it in the bud before anything else happens or anything else escalates from stuff being said. This age with girls especially. the drama and gossip can fester and cause years of social issues if this girls continue on in the same classes

  6. My boys were in a few fights at school, and it always scared me that they might be seriously hurt. I probably would have been even more concerned if the girls were getting in fist fights. Hope you can get to the bottom of the problem so it won't happen again.



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