Monday, February 22, 2010

It's About Forgiveness - Tiger Woods

I am a fan of Tiger Woods - I have always thought of him as an excellent golfer... an excellent role model, and an excellent philanthropist.... and he still is.... Before you all get mad at that comment - let me say this... He messed up Big Time... Huge... and he and his wife are paying the price for it... One Huge mess up that may have lasted years - does NOT take away from the fact that Tiger has done much good too....

I do NOT condone having affairs.... Personally, if I caught my husband cheating - he would probably be singing an octave higher.... but you know - I would probably forgive him.... Why, you may ask... The answer is simple - by not forgiving him - I am hurting myself... my family... my faith. That is not to say that I would not make him suffer for a while... but in all honesty - I think I would want to work on getting happy again... trusting again... Life is too short to suffer.. to be sad and to hate the man - I promised to love and honor for the rest of my life... Through all the broken promises... lies... deceit - I would have to find a way to make it work... and I believe that is what Tiger and his wife are trying to do....

What is extremely sad to me is how the media is handling the pain of the Woods Family.. Because the Woods chose to keep their relationship out of the news and not go around as if they were Jon and Kate...the media is crucifying them... You can't turn on the TV or walk through a market check out without seeing some rumor about Tiger or his wife - who is the innocent party here....

I was interested on what Tiger had to say to the media last Friday... I did not watch the entire speech - but I did watch enough to conclude the man is in pain.... he has an addiction and he and his wife are trying to save their marriage and work through this pain.... I truly believe that sex addiction is a serious thing... I personally know an incredible person that has fought this addiction her entire life... It's an addiction like any other addiction - it kills you.. the person you are meant to be and the ones who love you...

One last thing - What really got my temper burning up and made me want to jump through the TV and go on a slapping spree were the women Tiger was involved with... A few of the women said they wanted an apology from Tiger and that they were hurt... Give me a Flipping break! These women had an affair with a married man and they want an apology..... seriously... What they need to do is ask for forgiveness from Mrs. Woods and get a life.....!!!!!


  1. I gotta say, I'm pretty much over the Tiger story. Yes, he messed up and he's on the path to fix things. I just wish he'd continue to do it privately. He certainly doesn't owe *me* an apology, you know?
    And I have to 100% agree with you that his mistresses don't deserve an apology. They absolutely knew what they were involved in and should be ashamed to be requesting such attention! I do, though, have some empathy for them (or some of them) if he was promising to leave his wife for them or at the very least making empty promises a married man should not be making. At the very least, these chicks knew he was married and they should have stayed far away. Have some self respect and stop trying to score a celebrity! Gross.

  2. I was just saying the other day that I'm so tired of hearing about Tiger's sex life. Seriously, if they want to talk about him as a golfer fine, but I'm tired of hearing about his sex life. That's really none of my business, is it?

  3. None of our business, really...But we can all learn from that mistake. I hope that it still works out for his family. Blessings.

  4. Kelly,

    I agree with you that we should all stop being involved with what celebrities do, isn't it a form of gossip anyway, and what glory are we bringing to God by not only viewing it, but talking about it as well. We should pray for him and his family and hope that God will restore their marriage.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. Who knows what we would do in his or his wife's position. I hope and pray I never have to find out. I totally agree with you on the part of the women who had the affairs with a married man. Shame on them for doing that!

  6. I think tiger might be sorry, but i wonder if his apology comes from a broken and contrite heart. I read the transcript and listened to the press conference and although he apologized a number of times, he never asked his friends at the conference or his fans (not sure about his wife, because he may have in private.) for forgiveness. Maybe that is not the way of the Buddhist? We as Christians if we ask, are forgiven of our transgressions. I truly hope someday someway, he finds the ultimate gift of forgiveness in Jesus Christ! That will be a glorious day for him and his family, and that can be done personally and privately and then he can someday share with whoever will listen what giving his whole heart to Christ has done for him. I do pray for him and all who don't know Christ that they will one day realize like I did by the Grace of God, that I am a sinner and I need a Savior and He is Jesus Christ!!!



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