Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Kid Learned The "F" Word In Bible Class

I'm driving my kids home from their ultra conservative Christian school and my oldest daughter tells me she learned all about the "F" word in bible class... I'm sure my eyes bugged out as my mouth hit the gas pedals.... What???? This is the school that had my kid empty out the goody bags I brought to school for Halloween because they had pumpkins on them... The pumpkins were considered pagan by the school/church - my church has a different take on the pumpkin - but whatever...

She said that her bible teacher said in the olden days - soldiers would take over villages and the king of the soldiers gave a command for the soldiers to rape/fornicate the women and kill the men... Raping was the most demeaning thing they could do the villagers... This is how villages were taken over.....

of the King...

I was pretty shocked they would talk about the "F" word - but I think the main reason for the discussion was to teach the kids how awful that word really is. I'm thinking the next time one of those junior highers wants to say the word they might think twice..... I know I would... Just the imagery alone is enough - don't you think? I'm also thinking my kid probably told me the story because as I have shared on this blog a time or two - I am guilty of using that bomb a little more often than I should...

**Note - I googled the origins of the word and it stated this story however popular is not true - but personally - if it works to keep kids from saying this word then that's okay with me....


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  2. Interesting - I never heard this story before. I hope it does make some of them think.

  3. Uhm, but to still bring up the F word in school, WOW! never heard of doing that before! Now I have had an elementary student say that word to me before. When we got to talking about the use of that word, he stated he had no idea what it meant just that he has heard his parents using it when they were mad. Needless to say we talked about words you can use at home but not at school.

  4. GASP!!!!! Pumpkins on the candy?!!!! How could you?? You rebel you. :) hahahahaha

  5. Interesting story, I had not heard that either. I agree, if it's effective, who cares about the origin? Cheers!

  6. WOW

    There is an update for prayer on arise 2 write.

  7. Wow, I guess they're going to new levels in their teaching. Well...whatever works, right?

  8. I bet they got the kids attention though!

  9. Kelly,

    See the things the schools are teaching our kids these days, wow and in a Christian one as well. Who would have thought that?

    I learned something new today just by stopping by here and that is what that word really means. Thanks!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat



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