Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Birthday Wish For Kara

Today my youngest celebrated her twelfth birthday. We had a good day - first stop buying 28 donuts to share with her 6th grade class - a surprise lunch, I surprised her at school and took her to Subway - her choice, and tonight we went to TGI Friday's... Saturday is when she will really celebrate when her dad is back in town.... Her present this year is to spend the day with her two best friends - shopping for an outfit from head to toe... that is our present for her this year... Her Wish is my command....

I did not understand love until I became a mother... I have a love that is so incredibly strong - that I would die for her.... A love that is beyond measure.. A love that is unconditional.... A love that is agape.... Being a mother helps me to understand God's love for us....

My Wish For Kara on her 12th Birthday..

I wish you happiness...
I wish you love...
I wish you success in all that you do...
I wish you peace.... comfort... and joy
I wish you self confidence
I wish you never lose your innocence
I wish you never lose your wonder..
I wish you a daughter just like you.....

Kara, you have been a joy to me. You have always been my "Sunshine" girl.... Always happy.. Always quick with the hugs... Always quick with the kisses... Always quick with the laughter... I am proud of you sweetheart - I look forward to watching you become the incredible woman that you are destined to be.....

I love you.... Happy Birthday - Wow, almost a teenager! yikes..


  1. Happy Birthday to Kara! Your wishes are perfect!

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I hope all your wishes come true!

  3. Happy Birthday to Kara! What a beautiful girl, and what beautiful wishes for your daughter!

  4. That post was so sweet. It brought tears to my eyes as I sit here holding my one year old daughter. They grow so fast. I hope you always share that great relationship with your daughter. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Tell here to enjoy her birthday:) New follower

  5. Happy Birthday to her! I LOVE that song, I plan on playing it at all of my kids' high school graduation parties.

  6. Happy Birthday (late) to Kara! Sounds like she had a wonderful day thanks to you!

  7. What a wonderful post. Happy birthday to Kara!

  8. What a beautiful post for your beautiful daughter! I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!!!!God bless her this year!!!

  10. What a beautiful post for your daughter. And that first photo is just too cute!

    Following your blog. :)


  11. Happy birthday to your girl. She is a beautiful young girl.

  12. What a wonderful post to your baby! I hope your and her wishes come true. I love that Lee Ann Womack song

  13. such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to kara! my youngest is 12 as well...we must be pretty close in age? I am loving your is rare when i find another blogger that has children around the same age as my own...YAY...we are now 're-late-ables' lol



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