Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Goes To School... The Other Disneyland....

Today one daughter went to school.... the other daughter had the day off and went to Disneyland with her friend...

The daughter that went to school - wants special one on one time with me.... (she's a little jealous)and I don't mind.... So tomorrow night I am taking my eldest - my 13 year old out on a date.... shhh don't tell her it's a surprise...

First we are going to share a dinner at our favorite sushi place..... and then off to see Dear John - she's been wanting to see that since the first time she saw it advertised back in October.....

I do have to crack up at my youngest who went off to Disneyland..... check out the picture below and you'll see what I mean.... She's the one that is NOT green.....

It's crazy- they look so old with those bodies.... is this a glimpse of the future?


  1. LOL, what a great picture! I think it is great that you are going on a special date with your other daughter tomorrow! I am sure you will both have fun and it will be a great memory! I really want to see that movie too!

  2. My sons love what I call mommy and me days (or dates)! They get one on one time with me to catch up with what's happening with both. It's great to have that time without any interuptions from others.

  3. I don't know if I'm more jealous that you can just go to DisneyLand for the day or if you have a date with your daughter tonight! Lovin your blog:)
    Have a sweet weekend!

  4. Hilarious picture! I love it!
    And I'm jealous of your movie date with your oldest. I'm debating right now whether my youngest is finally old enough to sit through a movie so I can take my two for a fun date while their dad's away. It's so expensive these days, I'm afraid I'll fork out an arm and a leg and we'll all end up having to leave halfway through!!

  5. That picture is great! Have a good time with your oldest. That one on one time is important.

  6. Thanks for stopping by.

    I agree its good to have time alone with each, that picture is too funny!

  7. That is a cute picture. Have a great time with your oldest. What a fun night.

  8. Cute star wars picture.
    Hope you have a grand time on the "date" with your daughter.

  9. Love the picture! ;) Have a great date with your daughter!~ I love 'dates' with my kids!
    I totally want to see that movie too! sniff...
    Just Jenn~

    My google account gets it wrong ~ must fix that! ;)



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