Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Full Disclosure.....

We have this neighbor that lives behind us that drives us INSANE.... Mad call the cops - yell out the window INSANE.... If it's not their dog barking - it's their loud into the wee morning hour parties - or it's their boom box blaring out the window - pointing towards their backyard and MY HOUSE!!! One night - I am not kidding - they had a full mariachi band with trumpets playing at MIDNIGHT!

Yes, I have walked over to their home but no one ever answers the door during the morning, day, or early evening... I have left very nice notes asking to please not have their dogs outside barking after 11 PM - They complied with our request for about a week... About a year ago their daughter was going to celebrate her 18th birthday party - she went to all the neighbors and gave her dad's business card. Because of this gesture - we gladly ignored the party that night.. During the summer hours when our window is open - they had parties - screaming jump in the pool at 3 AM parties - the police have come out on several occasions - and it's not just the kids - it's the adults too that keep on partying - every flippin night... I have called the dad - and that works for about a minute.....

I received an email the other day with this picture... I instantly thought if we were going to move - I would probably have to put this on the lawn because Full Disclosure is the law! Just kidding......


  1. Oh noooo, I soooo couldn't cope with that. I think you need to be putting the sign up!!

  2. Haha! This is hilarious!

    I feel your husband is a professor and we live in the same neighborhood as many of the I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. :-)

  3. Ok guess ED is good at reading random symbols. That or something is wrong with my computer. Either way love the sign!

  4. We have one of those neighbors too! I am secretly hoping he gets a job out of state!

  5. BTW...

    I left you an award over on my blog today!

  6. For some reason the font made the type unable to read on some computers - it is corrected.. hopefully...

    Love to you

  7. That's horrible!!! I have had some nasty neighbors before but not with a noise problem! I can't even imagine!

  8. I love that picture! I had neighbors like yours once and I know it was hell living next to them. I wish you luck!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. Kelly,

    We too have new renters that have just moved in with an obnoxious dog that they love to leave out in their backyard all day when they leave their home at 6am. He barks and howls until they come back home around 5pm. Needless to say, I completely understand your pain and are trying not to be unfriendly neighbors. But there does come a breaking point for us all.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. ROFL!! Love the sign! Sorry you have to put up with that! We just moved into our house in August, and our main problem is the boys that use our backyard as the 50-yard line to their football games! But they have to be in my dark, so, nowhere near as bad!!!

  11. I've had that too with our next door neighbors and back yard neighbors. The next door neighbors got quietier when their daughter moved out. But the back yard neighbors keep changing. And with the changes, comes pool parties that get raided by the police. Which causes the young offenders to jump the fence and break it. And then get caught in my hammock. Oh and their dog loves to get into my yard. But I'm not so disturbed about that since my labs love to swim in their pool too!

  12. Oh my stars!! That is just horrible! But what a great sign! lol



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