Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sopa de Tortilla | Kelly's Ideas

Sopa de Tortilla | Kelly's Ideas

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  1. Howdy Kelly
    Yummy !!!!!!!!!this is an awesome recipe .
    I love things that are simple .
    My Mom does not cook so I have been trying to find easy to do things for her to try .
    My sweet blogging friend I have tried my best to log onto your blog this past year and for some reason our computer locks up .
    It does this with many of the blogs not just yours.
    It seems my aol account does not like to talk to microsoft internet explorer as well as yahoo and a few other things :)
    I have thought of you and your precious girls and have been in prayer for you all .
    I only wish you could have known this .
    Anyway I hope this gets published so you can know that you are thought about and loved a lot !
    Blessings to you and yours .
    Big hugs from Texas
    Happy Trails



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