Thursday, March 25, 2010

Innocence Gone

Today I watched a movie trailer starring Dakota Fanning... I was stunned... What happened to the fairy child in "I am Sam" - or the little girl who loved her horse in "Dreamer"? In my mind's eye - I still see Dakoto dancing as a sweet ballerina in "Uptown Girls..... But girls... children grow up...

Dakota is an amazingly talented actress - in every movie that I have seen her in - I am swept away by her character... I feel her vulnerability - her sadness - her fear - her happiness - Her evilness in her most recent movie New Moon (Twilight). Dakota is a couple of years older than my girls.. They are growing up with her... They have seen her in Charlotte's Web, Dreamer, War of the Worlds, Sweet Home Alabama, Uptown Girls and more... The characters she plays could easily been been one of my kids' friends... well except for the vampire

When I saw the trailer for the new movie "The Runaways" about the early years of Joan Jett (played by Kristen Stewart) and Cherie Currie (played by Dakota) - I was shocked... No longer is Dakota an innocent little girl - or a she/girl vampire- she is in a movie that she could not get into a theater to watch without a parent.. My kids won't be watching this movie anytime soon.... What do you think of children making movies like this? I think that sadly some if not all of the innocence of childhood is gone....


  1. I've always liked her and I hate seeing her get so old! I don't think kids should be in movies they aren't even supposed to watch!
    She is a very talented actress and I hope Hollywood doesn't spoil her.

  2. It is weird to see her in a role like that.

  3. Wasn't she already in a movie where they were battling over its rating -- it was going to get an NC-17 because of a rape scene. *shudder* And the thing that gets me is that her parents had to sign off on that. :-(

  4. I don't imagine it's easy for children in Hollywood at all but I wonder where the parental involvement is.

  5. Friday Follow :)

  6. Yep. So little innocence! I am following your blog!

  7. I agree. I don't think kids should be in movies like that. I just don't see how they can be and not have it effect them in a negative way. It's sad! She really is a great actress. I'm sure she'll continue to be a great actress - I just hope she doesn't go too far in that direction!

  8. Following you back from FF. I didn't even realise that was Dakota in New Moon. I was too busy watching for scenes from home (the movie was filmed on the property where my family lives).

    Anyway, have a lovely weekend.




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