Friday, May 21, 2010

My Space Has Been Invaded!

I know this may sound like I am whining and I don't care! My space has been invaded and I DO NOT LIKE IT!!!! As you know, I run a business from my home office. My office is a great set up for me. I have 3 operational desks for assistants as I need them. I have a very busy office and at times it can be a little messy but the great thing about it being my office is that I know where everything is... if I am looking for a certain piece of paper - I know it would be in a stack of papers on the floor to the right of my desk... because why? IT'S MY OFFICE....

So - yesterday I had my appointment with my doctor of gynecologic oncology... You see - my regular gynecologist moved and I was without a girly doctor and because my girly stuff is complicated to say the least I needed a doctor that would not assume I am a hypochondriac - Yes - my body is a medical marvel... and when I go into detail - it just sounds down right crazy... Any hoo... I have had a pain that seemed to come from my left ovary and it radiates to my back... It does not hurt all the time but I can feel it all the time so - on Monday I had an ultrasound... the doctor reviewed my ultrasound and said my ovary is fine - so no idea why I'm in pain... He said since it's my left side it might be my bowels or I may never find out... great... In addition to that - the doctor was not Dr. Gentle... I am still sore.... So when I got home yesterday - I was NOT in the best of moods...

When I walked into my office - my desk was cleared of ALL my papers and folders... My neat stacks on the floor - GONE.. My boxes of files GONE and the desks and floors polished and washed.... I about LOST IT!!!! You see - the husband is using one of my desks in his hunt for a job... He started out by taking out my files and such out of the desk he is BORROWING.. <= key word.. I bit my tongue on that one... My "messy" office bothered him so while I was away he took over and cleaned it and now I cannot find a thing....

Instead of thanking him - I yelled at him.... I let ALL the stress I have been feeling out... My personal space gone - My health concerns - His job concerns - Are we moving? Are we staying? Too much work and not enough time.. Everything out in one big huge out of control explosion... and he just looked at me... No words... Just complete and utter shock.... The poor guy thought he was doing a nice thing... even though I asked him in the past to not move the stuff around... He did not hear what I said... all he saw was a "mess" and there you go...

Note - of course I did apologize for my out of control yell-fest... But I will not apologize for being angry - there are things in our lives... our businesses that are to be left alone - especially when asked.... What do you think?

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  1. This reminds me of when my husband brought home a tee shirt for me. On the front, a black cat with squinty yellow eyes and spiky fur. On the back the words said: "I am out of estrogen and I have a hand gun. Any questions?"
    Rosemary :)

  2. Every time hubby touches my stuff, I have to remind myself that he is doing with good intentions. Last time he was unemployed, I made up a honey do list for him and made sure that there were enough jobs on it to keep him busy and out of my stuff. Yes some of the items on it were stupid, but it kept him out of my stuff.

  3. Kelly,

    Email me and I will provide the name and information on the doctor who did my diagnosis and surgery. He is so amazing! I've had my hubby pass his information on too to men that tell them what is going on with their wives. He is out of St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange, CA

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. My ovaries hurt every time I ovulate. I can tell you which side is firing that month. :P

  5. Kelly,
    Just wanted to let you know...yes, I wrote the poem. Thank you for your sweet comments and visits to arise 2 write.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  6. Oh no!! I hope you have things in order again soon!

  7. Yes I know the feeling of cleaning up the organized mess. I call it\

  8. What do I think? I think a left-brained learner got in and messed with a right-brained learner's stuff. I've had those meltdown moments and why I don't speak up sooner is beyond me. How are you feeling today?

  9. Ugh, your anger is easy to understand! Hang in there that faithful man up and thank him for his 'thoughtfulness' with a big mushy kiss!!!
    Blessings to you..

  10. While I totally understand your anger, I'd like to give your poor, sweet husband a hug.

  11. OMG! you sound like me! my hubby == neat freak
    me == pile of organized mess

    it may look messy to you but to me its organized and I know where everything is!
    So I see your frustration my neat freak always clean my stuff and let me feeling just like you!

  12. I understand where you're coming from, but I do think he could use that hug :)

    Hope you get things the way you want them again soon.

  13. The Husband is really, really clean and neat, but his desk and his dresser are his own organized messy areas, and I would NEVER touch them! I might keep the stacks a little neater to keep them from toppling, but I wouldn't move anything!!

  14. I can really really sympathise with you on this one. I work from home also - disabled myself, disabled son etc etc, it's just better for us. Anyway - my mother (who is Uber Tidy)(double brackets: I am not) gave me a wooden plaque once. On it was a carving of a duck (absolutely no idea why) but the words branded into it said "A Creative Mess is better than Idle Tidiness" It is pinned above my main workstation, and that is the only workstation that nobody dares to touch - hope this helps.



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