Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jake and Vienna - Over? Are You Surprised?

A few months ago I had the privilege of going to the taping of 'The Women Tell All' for The Bachelor... I was very excited because I liked Jake Pavelka... I thought he was a little "girly" for my taste but he seemed like a down to earth kind of guy.... During the taping - I discovered that this bachelor had no idea what he wanted.... Sure he picked Vienna "the most hated girl on the show" but during the taping he told Ali - that he really "loved her"... I know this is a reality show and you can only believe about 5% of what you see... with that being said - how the heck can someone really love more than one person... love them enough to propose to them... Personally I think the decision to marry someone has to be a well thought out... seriously considered... and the potential spouses should have loved each other for a long time.... Love is not found in rebounds... or the day after you made out with someone else on National TV... Come on...

So I was not surprised when I heard that Jake and Vienna broke up... What did surprise me was the way it happened.. The way they both turned on each other.. The viciousness of it... At first I was inclined to believe that it must be Vienna's fault but watching and listening to the verbal bashing by Jake - I have to believe they are both at fault.. Both immature... Both seeking the spot light... Both no where near the maturity level it takes to be married till death do you part...

I have to admit I am a Bachelor/Bachelotte junky... I do enjoy watching.... But after every season I tell myself that's it - I will not watch again.... Who was I kidding, right? So Monday nights has become the night that mom (me) and my two (2) girls sit and watch the bachelorette and my husband watches us with his famous 'I can't believe they're watching that crap' smirk on his face..... I'm thinking it's a girl thing.....

My opinion on who Ali will pick? I personally like Chris the best... But I have a strong suspicion that she won't pick anyone..... What do you think?

The Break Up Interview


  1. Kelly,

    I thought last nights airing of dirty laundry with Jake and Vienna was tasteless. I would never like to think that people could be so heartless on both sides of the coins. Whatever happened to breaking up and just letting it go?

    Personally I think Ali doesn't have a huge choice in which to pick from and once again, they take a nice girl and toss in some drinks and call it love. I hope she chooses none of the above and was shocked she keeps sending the nice guys home.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I "cheat" and read


  3. I tried. Couldn't see it all the way thru. For my money, I want to watch the happy, positive and affirming interviews where couples have made it to 50 years. This sort of stuff leaves me sickened and sad. My advice is: don't swallow this garbage. Rosemary

  4. I often watch The Bachelorette -- The Bachelor for some reason I can't handle as well (but I did watch Jason's season!). I could only watch a little of the interview last night at the end of the show, that just totally left me feeling like they are both messed up for doing that on TV! Even if they were somehow contractually obligated, the way they BOTH behaved was ridiculous!

    I am Team Roberto. If she doesn't pick anyone... I just can't handle it. And I can't believe they showed us so early on that Frank bails on her! She could've kept Jesse!

  5. Yay!!! I like Chris the best too! That would be my pick.

    I was disgusted with Jake and Vienna the other night. It won't stop me from tuning in religiously though!

  6. I've only seen the commercials and that was enough for me. :) I've been waiting for Part 3 of your previous blog. Where'd that go?



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