Saturday, July 10, 2010

Redecorating Without Leaving The House....

One of the major downfalls of being a business owner is the time that it takes away from my family. I never have time anymore to jump in the car and shop.... I had promised my oldest daughter that we would redecorate her bedroom and bathroom a year ago .... She is now a teenager and has no desire to keep the yellow walls I had painted five (5) years ago... or the Hawaiian motif I had created by using bright floral bedspreads, Hula skirt valances (each flower painstakingly hot glued by yours truly), and Hibiscus shower curtains that have seen better days in her bathroom.. Each time she asks me if this weekend is a good time to go out and shop - I always say I think so..... What do they say about good intentions?

Recently I was introduced to a great site I have to tell you - we had a blast looking for decorations for her room and bathroom.. The selection was incredible. Nikki's favorite color is purple.... Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a purple that we both can agree on? Can you image how many stores we would have to go to if I was driving around town? This is what is so great about the Bed Bath Store on line - we had a huge selection to browse through without jumping in the car... or jumping to different sites.... We found the sweetest bedspreads and comforter sets. Just look at this very sweet eyelet lavender 4 piece set comforter set we just picked up... There were so many designs to pick from...

We were able to pick up Hypoallergenic Bedding for the entire family... We found pillow case covers, mattress covers, and pillows... As I was putting these items in my cart - I noticed on the side bar that were other areas I could go - we purchased a few decorative pillows to accent Nikki's new comforter... We also found some great deals in their outlet section - lavender sheet sets for over half off... I love a good discount...

The Bed Bath Store has a great selection of shower curtains and bath accent rugs.. I was leaning towards the Betty Boop shower curtains or the little yellow duckies but Nikki being the teen has outgrown my sense of humor and my idea of cute... Nikki ended up choosing a beautiful dolphin and sea life curtain with accessories... I could not have chosen better... Very nice... We found a toilet cover and bath accent rug to match.... All this done in less time than it would have taken to jump in the car and drive to a store and the best part - Nikki and I had a great time doing it...


  1. I read this yesterday but was too tired to comment. I wonder if the "shopping" wore me out? LOL! I'm thinking I may have to go that route myself. It sure to free up a lot of time, yes?

  2. What a great idea for redecorating! I have to take a look. Thanks.



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