Monday, August 9, 2010

My Calvin Kleins....... Your Something Else

When I was in the 10th grade designer jeans were the thing to wear.... My parents refused to spend $50 on a pair jeans just because the labels read Calvin Klein, Jordache, or Sassoon.... So we made a deal - they would pay half and I would pay half with the money I earned from babysitting...

Another big thing when I was in school was the "preppy" look or the "punk" look - Or how about Topsiders..... I had them in brown, tan, and green... Dolphin shorts were quickly leaving the arena of good taste... thank goodness.. Looking back on pictures of me and my friends - wearing our blue/white or our red/white dolphin shorts.... it makes me laugh - what were we thinking??

I miss the styles of the 80', not really.... But I think the 80's was the generation where fashion was king - the music was the best ( I still love 80's music - think - The Police...., The Stones.., Michael Jackson.. The Thompson Twins... ABC... Billy Idol) It was a fun generation and I was happy to be right in the middle of it....

This weekend we went shoe shopping for back to school for my girls... The girls are at the age where they notice what others are wearing... they know what brands are popular.. and now it is vitally important to fit in.. (brings back memories of my Calvin Kleins) The teenage years are tough enough without being totally different.... So here we were at HSS (Huntington Surf Shop) where they have the latest in Huntington Beach, California teen wear.... The girls were picking out their TOMS Shoes and their Rainbows..... and my husband was trying to convince them they that he could take them to Payless and get the exact same shoes.... I could see him start to get annoyed at the high cost of shoes until...... I reminded him that when he was in high school ALL he would wear was Adidas.... (thanks mom in-law for that little tidbit)..... After that - he got it..... High school is high school... fashion is fashion - regardless of what generation you live in......


  1. ugh that's so true.
    At least with Tom's Shoes you are also helping give a pair of shoes to someone in need. That's pretty neat.

    The big fads when I was younger were Starter Jackets and Adidas Jackets... if you didn't have one or the other you might as well not show up at school.

    I'm your newest follower! I found you through someone I found on FMBT and loved the name of your blog and just had to stop by. I don't have kids, but I still find myself saying "I've become my mother!"

    come visit!

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  3. Very true. When my teen wanted Juicy Couture I reminded myself how much I loved my Calvin's.

    Thanks for the follow, I am following you back. Have a wonderful week!

    The Road to Here

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  5. I'm a little older than you so I suffered through the disco era. Ugh... But by the time I was in college we were wearing loafers and izods (layered) so it was much better. Loved the music of the early eighties too.

  6. Hey Kelly,
    I'm following back from FMBT. Thanks for linking up with us. Have a great week

  7. Thanks for following. I am your latest follower!

  8. Check out Brooke back in the day! I remember those designer jeans days. I had a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt. Funny. LOL.

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  10. LOVE the name of your blog. Caught my eye right away. LOL.
    I am your newest follower.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog, and hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  11. Stopping by from FMBT. I followed you on GFC and Networked Blogs!!

  12. I think we all evenutally become our mothers or some type of her anyway. Just blogging around this morning, and found your blog. The pictures are great. I laughed at the one with the dog with glasses on. Did you see this months Readers digest and the pug surfing. At least you put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Thank you for letting me visit.

  13. I SO oldest kids are teens now and labels are oh so important..I have to remind their Dad that we used to care about all of that too!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  14. My sons were never into the name brand clothes, thank goodness! But I do remember wanting a silk jacket in high school (late 70's) and mom wouldn't buy it for me. I saved up enough money to get it and wore that thing almost every day. I still remember it, baby blue with white stripes. Fond memories...

  15. So true. Have you noticed the Madonna-ish style coming back in. Just what the world needed!!

    I agree with you that the 80's were the best!!

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  17. I was never much of a "label" kid. I did, of course, HAVE to have a hypercolor shirt though! Remember those??

    Love the look of your blog! Off to read more! Following from FMBT! Come by and follow back?

    Amy @

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  19. When you mention those 80's fashions, I get so nostalgic (and then feel slightly nauseous at the same time.) lol

  20. Oh, my hair was my piece de resistance! Big 80s hair. To this day, if that came back, I would be so in style!

    I'm on a blog hop and this post caught my eye. I'm now a follower.

    Take care,


  21. Hello, I'm new follower from FMBT! Oh, how I wanted designer jeans when I was young...Now that I'm a grown up, I just don't care anymore. As long as I can breathe while wearing them, I'm happy!



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