Sunday, October 17, 2010

Me and My Two Girls' Coming Adventure.

Three summers ago my girls and I went on an All Girl Road trip from Southern California to Utah, Colorado, and Nevada... We visited relatives - best friends -we climbed over 7000 feet up in the Colorado Rockies, Jet boated along the Colorado River in Moab, Utah, went down a water slide at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas a million times and created memories that will last a lifetime...

This past summer was a difficult one for my family - as you know my husband had lost his job in March and we needed to be on a very tight budget.... I own a mortgage loan processing business and I was working in excess of 80 hours a week - accepting new clients and basically not having time for anything else... It was my time to support the family and thank God - it worked out fine financially but emotionally and physically I suffered greatly... my kids suffered missing their mom. We did not do anything extra -we stayed home - thankfully we have a pool but that got old fast.. My husband (D) was lucky enough to travel to Mexico for a week and fish... The trip had been planned for a year and the timing worked out great. I like to tease him that his interviews in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Oregon were actually vacations and not work related...

I promised my girls that when we get back on track that we are going to have a Great Adventure.. This is what we are going to do - I'm so excited...

In July we are flying into Washington DC - We are going to spend a couple of days with a wonderful friend and mentor of mine... She also happened to be my oldest daughter's 2nd grade teacher.. We adore this wonderful Lady... We will then travel to the heart of DC - and visit all the places I have always wanted... The White House, The Lincoln Monument, The Veterans' monuments, The Mall, Arlington Cemetery and the Smithsonian....

We will jump on a train from DC to New York City... My oldest has always wanted to visit Time Square... We will climb to the top of the Empire State Building, take a stroll in Central Park, visit the Statue of Liberty, go to Ellis Island where my grandparents immigrated from Scotland, and to top off the two and half day stay - We will see Westside Story on Broadway! Then...

We will jump on a train from New York City to Boston... We will explore the Commons, ride on a Swan Boat, walk the Freedom Trail, eat a Lobster Roll at Faneuilhal Hall, Visit Paul Revere's home, see Bunker Hill, explorer The USS Constitution, and visit my sister's family- The cousins get to catch up and My sister will show us the "Real" New England.... can't wait!!!!

I am looking forward to spending time with my girls and making more memories!

We will see..


  1. That is going to be fun trip! I have always wanted to go to DC. I have been to NYC and am from Boston area.

  2. Make sure to leave loads and loads of time for Central Park. It's a heaven on earth, an oasis in a big city, another world. One of my fav places to visit again and again and again. That is a wonderful itinerary. Can I come too? :)

  3. That is going to be sooooo wonderful and like a great reward for making it through the last year. Don't miss the Ford Theater when you go to DC. So great!

  4. Having something to look forward to is always a blessing in itself. I'm glad you were able to weather the storm and can enjoy such a fun time with your family in the near future.

  5. Oh that sounds so fun! It will be time well spent with the girls.

  6. Fun! Fun! Fun! and the best part is you get to share it with your two daughters. :)



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