Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Memory Lane On My Birthday

Today I turn forty five - it's hard to believe I am this old... My mind tells me I am still young but my body- now that's a different story.... Today - I looked back on my life and I realized I have lived through some very exciting times...

1968 - I remember the election of Richard Nixon - my dad would discuss politics - I was three years old - Nixon took office January 1969.

1977 - I remember the day Elvis Presley died - My mom cried...

1977 - I remember the day my first nephew was born - I remember rushing home to hear the news.

1980 - I remember my first kiss - it was at school behind the gymnasium..

1982 - I remember the day Valley Girl played on KROQ - we all talked like her - gag me with a spoon.

1982 - I remember falling in love for the very first time... and experiencing a few other firsts...

1983 - I remember going to my prom - the Plimsouls played - still love their song - A Million Miles away... Later saw them in the movie Valley Girl - with Nicholas Cage... Nicholas Cage went to elementary school with me... but his last name was Coppola at that time..

1983 - I remember the day I graduated high school - my boyfriend crashed his car and I spent most of the day at the hospital with him... My walking partner was my best friend Mark.. (I miss him)

1984 - I remember my first election - I voted for Ronald Reagan. I was very proud.

1986 - I remember the Space Shuttle Challenger exploding in midair - I was in the shower and I heard it on the radio - could not believe what I was hearing -ran out of the shower and saw the tail end of the explosion on TV and watched the replays over and over again - in a state of shock- our nation mourned that day....

1986 - I remember the day I met my future husband, Dusty. He and his sales rep tried to sell me a copier... My company went with someone else... I went with Dusty - he did not get the sale but he did get the

1989 - I remember the day I was married... I remember Dusty left a message on my answering machine -he sang the song "We're going to the Chapel and we're going to get married..."

1992 - I remember when bought our current home - I remember thinking there is no way we could fill up this house - it's huge.. Today - every nook and cranny has something... I love my house.

1994 - I remember the birth of our daughter Krystal Dawn -we had her baptized in the NICU - she died two days later - she was so very tiny - and very beautiful.

1996 -I remember the birth of Nikki - she had a perfect round face, dark hair, and hair on the tips of her ears... She was perfect.

1997 - I remember the day I started my business and I have never looked back...

1998 - I remember the birth of Kara - she was in a hurry to come out into the world - one push and there she was - she was a perfect angel - who squeaked like a little mouse when she slept.

2000 - I remember fearing that my computer would not work properly - it did...

2001 - I remember the first day of kindergarten for Nikki - she was ready to go - I wasn't ready to let her....

2001 - I remember when terrorists planes flew into the World Trade Center - my sister called me from New York and woke me up.... - she said "Our nation is now at war.." I remember the flags flying proudly from every porch on our street... Our nation united during this time... Gas prices dropped below .90 cents...

2002 - I remember Nikki as an orphan in the church Christmas Show.

2003 - I remember the first day of kindergarten for Kara - she wore the same Noah's Ark dress that Nikki had worn... My baby is in school... I cried on my way home... I realized at that moment that time goes by so very fast...

2004 - I remember Kara as a shepherd in the school Christmas play. I remember Nikki placing 2nd in the school spelling bee and competing in the district bee - I remember closing my eyes whenever she spelled a word - sending positive signals.. She did great... She missed the word logging.. spelling it with 1 G and not two... she will forever remember to spell that word...

2005 - I remember our first road trip to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco - The girls loved riding in a canoe with their Uncle Darin. On our drive into the city of San Francisco - we accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up at the front of the Gay parade.. The parade Queen/King? could wear an evening gown better than most.... It was rainbow colored sequins and the crown would blow away Miss Universe's ....It was at least 10 inches high.

2006 - I remember we went to the Bahamas and stayed at The Atlantis - it was an amazing trip.

2007 - Dusty was laid off from his job of 23 years... It was unexpected and life changing....

2008 - I remember I took the girls on a two (2) week road trip - we had an incredible time.. When I came home - my dad was in the hospital - he died four days later...

2008 - I remember voting for McCain - President Obama won... I remember the fear of many...

2009 - I remember listening to the radio while getting my hair cut - there was a new bulletin interruption - Michael Jackson has had a heart attack and he was not breathing... Michael Jackson died the day of my niece's wedding rehearsal dinner..

2009 - I remember my niece Kristin's amazing wedding... No one could be more beautiful and happy.... Nikki and Kara were junior bridesmaids... Nikki caught the bride's bouquet..

2010 - I will remember this year as a difficult year - Dusty was laid off in March - was hired by a great company doing exactly what he loves in September.. I will remember this summer as the summer I never left my office....

I have lived a wonderful life with some sadness tossed in.. - I have witnessed history - the birth of my 3 daughters - the death of a child - the death of a parent - and I have been truly loved....


  1. Happy Birthday! You have seen and done a lot in those years. I enjoyed the list of memories.

  2. Happy Birthday Kelly! That's an honest, emotion-filled list. I enjoyed reading about all your memories. Wishing you all the best :)

  3. Happy Birthday to you sister Kelly! May God bless you and keep you! What a wonderful walk in your memory lane. You're only 4 days older than me :) and I'll be 2 years younger than you! :)

    Praying God's richest blessings to come your way!

  4. happy birthday kelly! what a beautiful post!!! loved the way you did your list. it seems that everyone has a story! and i loved reading yours... hope you enjoy your special day!

  5. Kelly I love you very much and I remember all of you life changing experiences and Loved being there with you. Mom

  6. What a great list! I learned several things about you just from reading it. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day full of family, friends and fun!

  8. Happy Birthday Kelly! Now you're on your way to making new memories. The birth of your first grandchild. Okay, so that's a long way off yet but it's the first thought that came to my mind. It's 6:34 here and you're still sleeping. :) Do comments like that count when the person's blog you're commenting on is fast asleep? LOL!

  9. Happy Birthday to you, Health and Happiness always.
    Thank you for sharing your life, ((HUGS))



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