Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sports Help Kids Get The Grade

When I was a kid - sports was something that went on everyday - whether it was at school or in the middle of the street in front of my house. I have many fond memories of playing with the neighborhood kids - everyday was an adventure. We all shared crazy imaginations and moms who always had Koolaid and snacks available to fuel our activities. We rode our bikes from our front porches to the pyramids of Egypt - we went on scavenger hunts for important items. We would play hide and seek for hours - until the street lights came on and then it was time to go home for dinner...

Those days are gone.... Our neighborhood is so quiet... There are very few children or teenagers... I have no idea where they all went off to... My girls have always had to make "play dates" or join different clubs or sports to stay active and socialize with their friends.... I wish my girls could have experienced the carefree and wild days of neighborhood youth and adventure....

Monday night we went to my oldest daughter's Tennis Banquet... It's hard to believe that she is already a freshman. It was wonderful to see the bonding that takes place between the players... The entire senior class players were all awarded high GPA awards... This reminded me how important it is to have our kids in a sport (s)... Statistics show that kids who are in sports are more likely to have better grades because they learn time management and they are usually competitive and driven to succeed...

My girl....


  1. That is great that she is part of a great group.

  2. She looks like a pro! I agree with you that being active in sports is a good thing. Plus, it teaches a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Congratulations to your star! She's a beauty. Sports gives so much to a young person's character and commitment to challenge.



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