Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Ready For Independent Study #1

The past couple of days my daughter has been watching and participating in her on-line orientation for her new on-line/independent high school. She starts this Monday. In the process of the orientation it asked her to take the LASSI-HS Student test. This is a test with multiple questions - many questions are similar - it's a great way to analyze the test takers true tendencies... I have to be honest here... I was not too surprised with the results... She has a long road ahead of her to get back on track and I pray that I will have the knowledge, the patience, and understanding that she will need to help her in a positive and productive way... There are many prayer warriors out here in Bloggy Land - and I am asking you to please pray for her... and for me and for our family during this major transition in our lives...

In the LASSI test she scored extremely low in five areas - Anxiety, Attitude, Concentration, motivation, and time management.... This is what the test advised her to work on in these areas...

Anxiety - needs to develop techniques for coping with anxiety and reducing worry so that attention can be focused on the task at hand.

Attitude - needs to develop a better understanding of how their academic performance relates to their future life goals.

Concentration - needs to learn to monitor their level of concentration and develop techniques to redirect attention and eliminate interfering thoughts or feelings so that they can be more effective and efficient learners.

Motivation - must accept more responsibility for their academic outcomes and learn to set and use goals to help accomplish specific tasks...

Time Management - needs to develop effective scheduling and monitoring techniques in order to assure timely completion of academic tasks and to avoid procrastination while realistically including non-academic activities in their schedule..

I truly believe that this is the right thing for my girl in this season of her life.. I pray that her direction.. her motivation.. her love for learning... her love for herself will come to her... I pray that she will soon realize how precious she really is....

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-) Sounds fun for your daugthers to go to summer camp! Exciting!!



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