Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Daughter Of Mine.....

Dear Dear Dear... daughter of Mine...

Although you are a teenager and now know much more than I do... I have to say that no matter how "dumb" I appear to you - I will love you... no matter how many times you snarl... no matter how many times you roll your eyes... no matter how many times you talk back.. I will love you...

I know that you believe that you do not need supervision.. but as I am "dumb" and can not remember this... I will continue to supervise... I will continue to know who your friends are... I will continue to require you to answer your cellphone when I call... I will continue to monitor your computer usage.. I will continue to ask you questions and I will require an answer back... preferably with as few grunts or "I don't knows" as possible...

I am fully aware that you don't need me to keep you on track with school work and grades.. But because I am a slow learner... I will check your grades... I will also get "in your grill" about studying.. I will expect you to give 100% in all that you do in life... anything less is not acceptable...

I know that you think you are too mature for public displays of affection from your mother - but because I love you so very much - you must excuse my over the top enthusiasm when I give you a hug.. or a smile... or heavens forbid.. I might even talk to you (in front of your friends)... I am proud of you and sometimes it just has to come out....

I know you like to pretend that what I say or think does not matter and I will continue to play this game with you... But thankfully I do know.... the secret you try to hide behind your teenage facade.... You know how I know???? Because I was once you... and now....

I've Become My Mother........


  1. I love how teens always act like their parents were born as adults and never did the "teen thing."

  2. I HATED that stage with my daughter. When she hit her Senior year though, she came to back to me and we've been sooooo close ever since.

  3. Isn't it crazy how every single teenager goes through that phase and each one thinks they're the only one?

  4. Oh yes...I remember my daughter acting that way and I remember doing it myself! Thanks goodness it passes!

  5. It is a hard stage to get through with your child. It does get better. For me and my sons, it wasn't until they turned +21....

  6. I totally remember when i was in this phase. She'll come around, dont worry!

  7. I tell both my kids all the time that while they have "all" the answers they should write them down. Because in a few years they will have all the questions and amnesia will set in and they will forget all those answers.
    These teenage years have not been fun at all. I am ready to use the fast forward button just to get through them.

  8. Been where you are 2 times!! As you know she will come around when she gets a few years older. Keep doing what you are doing!! You are doing an awesome job!



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