Friday, March 11, 2011

A Day In The Waiting Room..

I arrived at the hospital waiting room around 8:30 AM... I had my IPAD and my broker real estate exam book to study.. I had no idea where my sister was.... Called her - got her voice mail.. Texted her.. no reply... I was getting a little concerned.. She was the one who brought my mom to the hospital... I finally thought to call my niece and she did answer the phone.... My sis, her daughters, and husband were in another waiting room temporarily.. They were waiting for the surgeons to talk to my mom before the surgery.. When they were done - they would head over to my waiting room...

I had a great spot in the waiting room... I sat on a couch with my back against a wall and I could look out to the room... I had plenty of room for my stuff and there was an electrical plug next to me... and Wifi was available AND free. I was set for the many hours of waiting to come except.... When everyone arrived - we realized we were hungry.. So we took off for a bite to eat down the hall.... When we came back to the waiting room - it was pretty much crowded and someone stole my spot.... We found a small group of chairs and a couch and sat down... We set up our electronic devices...

Debbie (my sis) had her laptop and cell phone... She answered her texts and worked via remote.. And in the middle of it played Scrabble with her daughter Kristin... Now Kristin had her cell phone and her laptop... On her cell phone she was texting and playing Word Feud with me (via Android) and working on her laptop... Lindsey my other niece was watching documentaries on the food industry via my IPAD and texting friends and relatives... And me.. I was playing Kristin Word Feud via my cell and studying and taking a practice test in my broker book...

Around 12:15 - the first surgeon came out and said that the surgery went well.. My mom had 4 pounds of breast removed (yes, we are a large busted family)... He did not see anything that looked very suspicious.. He did say that he captured a few lymph nodes and they will run biopsies on those as well as the flesh from the breasts.. Approximately 120 slides will be made to review - the results should be here in about 5 days.. The 2nd surgeon started to work on my mom - He would take about 3 hours...

While we were waiting - a very large family took over the couches and chairs behind us... It was awful! They had no less than 8 kids running around.. Many under the age of 2.. They were coughing on us.. crying.. fighting.. Several of the parents were playing games on their Nintendo DS Lites and completely ignoring their out of control kids.. So I started giving them "the looks" - you know the kind... But that did not work.. I would make eye contact with the many of the parents and they saw it.. They knew they were out of control... But they did not care...

The 2nd surgeon came out and said that everything went well.. yeah mom.. She was in recovery and they will let us know when she is ready to be moved to her room.. Usually this takes a couple of hours so we decided to head down to the cafeteria. To go to the cafeteria we needed name tags.. While were getting them I went to the security officer standing there.. I told him about the out of control family.. We both looked to where the family was sitting/running/crying/coughing/playing/talking really loud.. and they were ALL looking at us.. When I walked away - a couple of the parents walked up to the security guard... Do ya think they knew we were talking about them?????

After we ate - when came back - we found out they had been calling us for about 40 minutes.... Crazy - we had advised the desk that we were in the cafe.. Any hoo. We were allowed back into recovery to see mom.. She was awake.. She was beautiful.. She was in a world of pain... The nurses were setting up her pain meds and getting her ready to transfer her to her new room... They advised us to go up to the lobby on her floor and she would there in about 15 minutes....

About 1 hour and half later... Mom was in her room and settled.. She looked good... She was her positive self.. She was hurting but the pain meds were starting to do their job.. Her room has a beautiful view of Long Beach - the lights at night - gorgeous! So after I saw for myself that she was doing good... I went home to my two girls after a long long day at the hospital.. My sister and niece stayed behind..

I am so thankful to you my "Bloggy" friends for your prayers and outreach of love... You have no idea how much comfort you have given me and my mom....


  1. I'm glad that your beautiful mom got through the surgery well. I'll keep praying for her recovery. God bless you all. Hugs - Kelly

  2. Those surgical waiting rooms are no fun - especially if you get a crazy family next to you, and there seems to be a lot of them!
    Glad it went well though and your Mom is on the road to recovery!

  3. Still praying for your family.
    And yes, I hate it when parents can't control their children in places like this. Makes me wonder why they had their children there in the first place.

  4. Waiting for a loved one to come through surgery is one of the hardest times in life. When my husband had surgery, I worked crossword puzzles to stay sane. It helped.
    I'm so glad you mom came through okay. I wish her the best in her recovery.

  5. So glad everything went well!!

  6. Ah, such good news. I will keep sending go thoughts your way.

  7. Yay Mom! and we'll keep her in our prayers for a healthy recovery...



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