Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To My Mom...

Dear Mom,

I am glad you are my mom... Since dad passed you and I have gotten so much closer... Not only are we a mother and daughter... We are friends... I love the special moments you and I have shared together... You inspire me to be a better person with your quick smile.. random texts... always positive attitude.. always forgiving heart.. never judging... You let me know that you are always there for me... Anytime... Anywhere.. I love that you "like" many of my statuses and/or comments on Face Book - this let's me know that you are thinking about me... loving me...

You amaze me... You have not had an easy life... The past several years have been especially hard for you... Taking care of dad in his final years here on Earth... Becoming diabetic, Your fractured bones (shame on Curves)... Working hard at your job... The loneliness of not having dad to talk to at night.... and now you are battling breast cancer... I am so sorry that you have had to go through all this... I am so sorry that I have not always been there for you... And in the middle of all this - You are more concerned with your kids... You have not once - felt sorry for yourself (most people would).. You have not once given up... You are a fighter... A true Lady...

Tomorrow you are going into surgery to remove your breasts... I am hopeful that by tomorrow night you will be completely cancer free... I want you to know that I am there for you... I will Always be there for you.. in person.. in spirit.. in thoughts.. and in prayers... You will fight this.. You will win... I have no doubt... I hope that your recovery will be speedy... and if it's not... You have your daughters... granddaughters.. friends to help you get by... And we want to be there with you.. We choose to be with you... You are NOT alone...

Thank you for being my mom... I love you....


Mom and Dad - 55 years ago...


  1. What a great photo!! Love your post to your mom. I wonder if she had a root canal ever and if the side correlates with her bc. If you would like I can send you some really great stuff to read that can help keep that cancer away after her surgery.
    Praying all goes well.

  2. Praying sister for your mom. She's beautiful. May the Lord provide a quick recovery and total healing. In Jesus' Name. God bless.

  3. Kelly, this was beautiful. I teared up. Best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery from her surgery. She'll be in my prayers.

    She sounds like an amazing woman and mom. You are lucky to have her.

  4. Sending prayers for your mom.

    What a fabulous pic!

  5. What a nice testament to your mom and y'alls relationship! And what a great spirit to stand with your mom at this time. I know that surgery is anxiety-producing. We will join with you guys in prayer for a successful surgery, healing of the body, and calmness for the soul. God bless.

  6. Great tribute to your mom - praying for a surgery that goes well and a quick recovery!

  7. Hugs to (((mom!))) and prayers for a quick recovery to enjoy the new Spring!

    and tell her shes such a sexy bunny in that photo of her and your dad - I love it!

  8. I will be praying for all of you. I hope the surgery goes well and that the recovery is quick.

  9. This is a beautiful post about your mom! Thinking of you all and praying!

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