Thursday, May 12, 2011

Do Your Kids Believe In God?... Do You?

Looking back on my life - I don't remember not believing in God.. I have always believed in Him.. I pictured this really old guy up in the clouds who watched over us and sent people who were really bad to Hell.. That's what I thought for most of my life.. Although I believed in Him - I never really cared about Him.. or thought about Him... He was just there somewhere off in the distance... Today it my wizened old age - I know He is there... I do worship Him.. But to be honest here - I don't constantly think about Him... I don't constantly think "What Would Jesus Do?" I don't turn to Him like I should - to take away my doubt.. my fears... Not all the time... And when I do ask for help.. peace.. calm... - I don't always trust that He will provide it... I am a control freak and I have to really get over myself...

Both of my girls believe in Him... They always have... I don't believe they question His existence... That is not to say that they lead sterling "Christian" lives (I know I don't).. nor does it mean that they are "Walking The Walk".. It means that they believe in Him - they probably think he's this old guy up in the clouds that wants to have a relationship with them but because they are teenage girls and have many more "important" things to do - they put Him off for later..... Thinking He is somewhere off in the distance... And unfortunately as a parent I am not that great in giving my daughters a different picture of Him.. I am not leading by example as I should... I truly suck at it... I need to step up to the plate and let them see Him through me...

I recently was tagged in a questionnaire on Facebook from one of my "younger" friends... It asked questions like - What's your favorite candy? Have you ever been kissed? Do you believe in God? I'm sure we have all seen these silly things go around... What I found surprising was that this "younger" friend marked down that she did NOT believe in God.. and I was really surprised... Mostly because I know both her parents and they regularly attend church.. I know her and she is very active in her church youth group... So I had a major "huh" moment... I'm sitting here wondering why does she not believe? I know her parents do.. I thought I knew she did... I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around this.. Is it possible that I am wrong about my own girls believing?

I think as a child it could be difficult to understand God's love or His strong desire to have a relationship with us.. I did not understand true all consuming love until I became a parent myself.. Only then did I get a glimpse of His love... As parents we need to set that example for our kids so they can get a small glimpse of agape love.. We need to talk about Him.. We need to pray as a family... We need to trust in Him... How else can our kids see Him as anything other than that old guy up in the clouds?


  1. Thought provoking post! I have always believed in God like you do but it took a spiritual battle to really know He is true. I think it's hard that in our finite ways, we always want proof of His existence though it's not surprising when many doubt even if they grew up in Christian homes. The battle is real and as we know, our spiritual enemy is ever active anyway in making us idle with our walks. Thank you sister for your encouragement and may you remain strong in the Lord's mighty power. God bless.

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  4. When my boys were younger, they actually thought God looked like Morgan Freeman!

    I pray on my boys every morning before they leave for school. It's kinda like a daily reminder of that old guy upstairs!

  5. visiting you via vBoks. New follower on GFC. This is a post that makes us all think.... Have a great weekend!

  6. Isn't it amazing that we could have no idea whether or not our children really believe? Just keep praying for them. I know I'm in the same boat as you. . . it's hard walking with Him all day long when there are so many other things going on. It's hard to keep our priorities straight! I really need to do more in the home teaching/praying/making sure everyone know that God is always present. Thanks for this post! Already a follower of yours, just checkin' in!

  7. I do definitely believe and I'm also so grateful that God believes in me. That He believes I can survive this crazy world and that He believes that the plan he has for my life will become reality. How wonderful is that?

  8. I believe in god ;) My kids do too.

    Your blog is very spiritual, love it !!

    I am also following you as well now .. I will also be back !

    Please when you get the chance, stop by and say HI ;)

    Thank You
    Kirsten (You can sign my GB )

  9. That's a great post! I think it is great that you realize that we all need to talk about Him more and encourage our kids!

    I'm following you through the voiceboks blog hop. I am currently running my very first giveaway for a baby blanket. I would love if you would enter it to either keep for yourself or give to a friend! I hope you'll check it out!

  10. Even without my parents I always had a strong faith in God. I also went through a period of time where I didn't attend church or follow the rules very well. Only in the last 5 years have we become active in church. Finally, and my 2 older kids don't get it.

    It's our fault, and we admit it, that our older kids, even though they believe, don't like or understand the teachings of the Catholic Church. I keep pointing out to them how much better all or our lives have become since going home to the Church and not missing a Mass because we were tired or lazy.

    They just look at me like I'm the idiot. 15 & 20 years old they know everything and as far as they're concerned, even though praying is important, church is for old people or singles trying to find a date.

    Sharon from



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