Monday, May 9, 2011

Ways To Save Money and Make A Little Extra

I am a big believer in budgeting my money and my resources....Last year my frugal mindedness paid off... I can happily say that when my husband was out of work last year for six months - We did NOT go into debt... nor did we lose our savings.... this is why....

Menu Plans - I set up weekly plans - I did this a couple of ways... I took a complete inventory of what I had on hand... I created the plan on Sunday after viewing the Sunday paper coupons.. Many times there would be deals that would save us a lot of money... By planning weekly menus - you can buy by bulk... You can plan for leftover lunches... You can utilize what you have and not buy unneeded items.. This will save you a lot of money - Right away....

Check out your supermarket mailers - Each week I get the local market mailers highlighting their specials of the week... One week - Albertson's was having an 8 hour sale -there were many buy 1 get one frees - whole chicken savings of .75 per pound or more - buy one lb of beef get a 2nd lb free - diet coke for .79 a 2-liter bottle.. Stater Bros was also having a sale on many of the items I use... If I had thrown away the paper (like I used to) I would never have had the opportunity to save so much...

Shop Target - I buy many of my everyday items at Target - their prices are lower on many items that I purchase regularly AND if you use your Target card (be sure to pay off each month) you will get an automatic 5% off and after you have spent $1000 - you get an additional 5% for a total of 10% off on your day of choice.... Target also accepts coupons!!!!

Just because you have a coupon does NOT mean you need it... - Don't buy things that you don't need especially during the times that you need to save money...

Search for additional coupons on the net - there are many bloggers that offer links to savings. You will amazed on what you can find.. Check out Print Free Coupons This is an excellent way to obtain coupons on your favorite brands.

Save your recyclables! We drink diet coke... A lot of diet coke and we save all our cans and bottles - my husband brings them in every month and gets about $15.00 cash... It's a good thing.

Buy Used... Ebay is a good tool to buy pre-owned designer clothes... books... shoes... movies... work ties... My husband is a Tommy Bahama fan - He will buy a $125 shirt and pay around $10 for it... Work shoes - he'll pay as low as $15 on a pair of $300 shoes... The deals are out there you just have to look... In addition to Ebay - Thrift stores are also great places to check out....

Sell Your Used Stuff.. I have a yard sale about two times a year to clear out my kids inventory of unused clothes and doodads.. I sell my used books through and no longer wanted clothes on Ebay... It works and the extra money is a good thing too...

Save Save Save - Take advantage of any 401K plans or savings plans that your employer may offer - Self employed? Establish a retirement savings plan... Set aside a certain amount (pretend it's a bill) each month and save... This is so important... AND Just because you got a refund from your income taxes does not mean you have to go out and blow it... Save it - let it work for you.. That rainy day may come and you need to be ready!

Use Your Credit Card Wisely - We have a rule in our home - Only charge what you can pay off when the bill comes in - this rule has been in effect since the day I was married (22 years ago) and it has saved us thousands of dollars. Our credit card like most cards nowadays have reward programs.. This summer I am lucky enough to use our rewards... We received three (3) round-trip tickets to DC from California for Free AND several days of Hertz rental car FREE... When I say free - I mean free - no hidden costs.. no extra interest paid.. or finance fees... FREE money and this is good..

Get A Job... any job - If you are short on funds and have some free time - GET A JOB!!! Who cares what it is.. Who cares if you have a college degree and you are working at Best Buy? A job is a job is a job... You won't make money watching Maury Povich from your couch... Get out and Do.. It's just as easy to find a great job while you are working then it is if you are not.... If you don't have any money coming in - do something about it.. You may not get your "job" of choice at first but you will - just give it time and patience......

So There was my two cents worth of advise that has worked for me... What to you do to save money?


  1. What I've learn in that most stores have their sales in cycles. I learn those cycles and plan according to buy what I need that will hold me over till it goes on sale again. For example, our local supermarket has the cleaning supplies I like on sale about every two months. I make sure to buy a two months supply each time. Same goes for personal care products and food items.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more about not using a coupon just because you have it. That Extreme Couponers show is a good example of how it can get overboard!

  3. I was really sad to learn that I cannot make money watching Maury, but I loved all your other tips. :)

  4. I agree with the first commenter. I buy things in groups (stockpile, but only a small amount) with each flyer.

  5. Great tips - we spend a ton of time at our local library, renting movies, books and even cds. I also shop at Aldi and the dollar stores on a regular basis!

  6. thanks for this list. I should try going to Target, I am a Walmart person.



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