Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Cat Hater... Converts...

Never in my wildest thoughts did I ever think I would want a cat... I have always been a dog person to the core... Man's best friend and all that.... But as I sit here typing this post - I have a warm, purring and completely content kitty resting on my chest.... and I blame my sister for this!!! She has two cats - that I completely fell in love with while visiting her last summer in Massachusetts and now less than two (2) months later - I am the proud mom/grandma depending if you talk to me or the kids to a 1/4 Maine Coon, 1/4 Egyptian Mau, and 1/2 American Shorthair kitten....

So if you mix a 1/4 Maine Coon - picture below

and a 1/4 Egyptian Mau - picture below

and 1/2 American Shorthair - picture below

You get this....

Isn't He the Cutest??

1 comment:

  1. So sweet! I always said I wouldn't have a cat either - and now I love them!



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