Monday, November 21, 2011

What I Don't Like About Being Married!

After almost 23 years of marriage I have finally figured out what I don't like about being married....  No, I have not filed for divorce... it's a little too late for that - he's stuck with me... poor guy..

So here goes....

I HATE sharing a bed.... that's it...  I want my space... I want the TV to not exist... and when I snore - I don't want to be woken up by the grumpy monster husband saying - "Kelly, You're snoring!!! KELLY, YOU"RE SNORING!!  KELLY, YOU'RE SNOORRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!! Last night after he woke me up- he fell back asleep and started to power snore - I'm telling you - the neighbors were yelling at us to stop the racket....  So I kicked him and asked him to politely to roll over about 20 times... "Dusty - roll over... Dusty would you please roll over... Dusstttyyyyyyyyyyy - I'm tired and you're snoring.. Pllllllllleeeeeassee roll over...." as tears of sheer frustration roll down my check..  I feel like I've hardly had any sleep at all...

So that's it - that's what I don't like about being married....  Solution?  I'm thinking of converting the "game room" into my own private suite with deep jacuzzi tub and tons and tons of closets....  Do ya think I can convince the husband????



  1. Good luck with that! Nothing like snoring (or being wakened up) to ruin a good night's sleep!

  2. Do not mention snoring! I think we need a new sofa, I've ended up sleeping on ours so often. And yet he's the one who snores!

  3. The thing I hate most about being married is not being able to throw out all his piles of "stuff"! If we ever win the lottery, we're going to live in separate houses and just visit each other!

  4. The snoring is the worst!!!! My ex had one of those sleep machines and it helped so much! He sounded like Darth Vader, but at least the sound was consistent and more like white noise.

  5. I think your own personal suite sounds like a terrific idea! Oooh! maybe I'll one-up you and get my own personal house :)

  6. Sounds like you both need sleep studies. CPAP machines, while not sexy, make for a great night's sleep. Seriously - it's a whole new world. Look into it. You'll be glad you did.

  7. The secret to my almost 30 years of marriage is the GUEST ROOM BED. My love is a horrible snorer.



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