Friday, November 4, 2011

Would You Consider This Bullying???

Casey is a somewhat shy high school girl - She is a nice girl.. Never likes to draw attention to herself.. She is pretty but doesn't think so... She has a hard time verbally saying what she wants to say - she gets very tongue tied... She is a day dreamer... She always wants to make people happy and is fearful of hurting others feelings..

Now Tell Me If You Think She Is Being Bullied....

Casey loves Science and would look forward to going to class everyday until.....

Eva and Ashley are two girls in her class.. Everyday before class - Eva (the ring leader) would tell Casey that she "loved her" and thought she was "hot"... Ashley would go along with whatever Eva said or did... In class - Eva sits in front of Casey and when the teacher is not looking Eva would put her arms behind her and try to grab Casey or Casey's belongings.. Once Eva grabbed something - whether it's a book or Casey's long hair - Eva would take it or pull it.. Casey would ask her to stop in an embarrassed voice - But Eva persists..

As the weeks and months pass by - Eva and Ashley are more aggressive in their pursuit to harass Casey.. They will say things like - Casey - I want to kiss you - can I meet your parents so we could go out on a date.. Oh, Caseyyyyy - Oh Caseyyyyy -(this is during group time) - Casey will ignore Eva but the other kids in the group would laugh at Casey.. (as is the case in most bullying scenarios)... Most of the harassing is of a sexual nature...

This treatment does not happen on occasion it happens everyday - so much in fact that Casey no longer wants to go this class...

Would Love to hear what you think...


  1. What do I think? I think someone needs to take these immature girls and bang their heads together!
    But seriously, I taught bullyproofing at the elementary level, and this would most certainly be considered bullying. I'd hope the school would want to do something about it.

  2. I am appalled! That is bullying and I think it could also be labeled as sexual harassment.
    I'd love to have a word or two with those girls and if I was you I would call the school and let them know what's going on.

  3. That is definitely bullying in my opinion and definitely is considered sexual harassment like another commenter said. When I was in high school, I got picked on a lot by two girls in my English class. This was 30 years ago, it wasn't of a sexual nature like this, but calling my name getting me to look at them, saying other things, etc. I dreaded that class and was so happy when one or the other was not in there. I finally wrote them a letter and told them I was sorry if I had done anything that made them upset; not sure what else I said, but they did apologize and they stopped teasing/harassing/whatever after that. But it did scar me. I hope in this situation "Casey" reports this and that the teachers/administration will believe her and help put a stop to this. No one should be treated like this.

  4. Wake up! This is total harassment, no question. Call the bully police at the school and STOP IT NOW!!!! Those girls should not be allowed to be together on school property and they should have an enforced no-go-zone around the one they are picking on. This goes so far beyond fun, or pranks, or just bad manners. Enough said.

  5. This is absolutely bullying, no question. As others have said, it' also sexual harassment.

  6. Total bulling probably done because they know that Casey is embarrassed by it and it is giving them power over her.
    I would be talking to the administration of that school about this situation.

  7. My daughter was thrown up against the wall and chased around the school by a group of girls. She hid out in the bathroom for an hour while the girls waited outside for her. They threatened to beat her up and were texting her to come out of the bathroom. The principal learned what was occuring and took my daughter down to the office where after 5 minutes let her go home. He never called me to let me know what happened. I learned of what occured by my daughter. These girls have been bullying my daughter ever since. I have been to the school 10 times to only be told, i cant suspend them for calling your daughter a slut. I was furious and had to threaten to sue the school if nothing was done. That changed everything. Then and only then were they willing to do do something. Stand up for your child and do what you have to do to protect them.

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  9. The teacher was notified by the mother - the teacher took immediate action and advised the office administration and will talk to the girls but in a way to avoid more attention to Casey...
    I agree - this is bullying and it has got to stop NOW! Thank you all for your voices.
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  10. Totally bullying! How can it be anything but!

  11. This is bullying at its worst! Has no one stepped in? I so hope this child gets a voice and the courage to stand up for herself and that the adults in this situation (hello science teacher) step in and put an end to this!



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