Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Love Being A Mom To My Two Girls!

My greatest joy in my life is my daughters...  Sometimes, I will look at them and just feel in awe that God had blessed me so abundantly..  I love that we enjoy each other.. Of course there are times that we want to wring each others' necks but for the most part - I believe we have a great relationship...  We actually have fun together...  I have two someones that are up to exploring the world with me... Who want to be with me - that in itself is a major feat with teenage girls....

Last year we three took a great trip to the East Coast from California - so many memories were made.. So much fun was had...  We still have many conversations about the times we shared - the places we visited..   This year - because of my work schedule- a long trip is not possible this summer but we did do something really fun....

We hopped in the car- drove up the freeway about 55 minutes and ended up in Hollywood!!!  I have lived in Southern California my ENTIRE life and I have never experienced Hollywood...  So me and my 2 girls became California tourists for a fun-filled weekend.....

Our trip started with a stop at Universal Studios - I planned this in advance and purchased Front of the Line passes - and I have to tell you - well worth the extra money - while others were standing in the heat of the day for 60 minutes or more - we walked right on each ride... So fun
After Universal Studios - We walked around City Walk
From Universal City Walk - we went to our hotel around the corner from Hollywood Blvd - Had NO idea what to expect... We enjoyed the sites/people/dinner at Hard Rock
The next morning -we went on a tour of the stars' homes - we saw Simon Cowell's - Ellen Degeneres',Elvis' old home, Ringo Starr, Elizabeth Taylor's Temple, and many others - but as I write this I'm drawing a blank... What I really liked is going down the Sunset Strip - Seeing all the places I have heard about - The Viper Room, The Roxy, The Comedy Store, Whiskey A Go-Go, and so much more... We also took a walk down Rodeo Drive - felt pretty uncomfortable in THOSE stores.. but enjoyed watching the multiple Roll Royces, Mercedes, and BMWs go by... with a Limo thrown in a time or two..
We had such a good time - so glad I have two beautiful and fun daughters to explore the world with...... So truly blessed...

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