Sunday, March 17, 2013

Was It A Ghost, Demon, Angel.. Imagination?

When my oldest daughter was not quite 3  years old - a man came to her room... He stood outside her bedroom door and watched her while her daddy was reading a book to her before bedtime...  This man was not seen by me or her daddy... But this man ended up being the focus of my daughter's thoughts and conversations for months....  This is how it started....

One night I was tucking Nikki into bed...  We had our nightly routine - first I would read a book she selected and then I would try sing to her.. Our favorites were You Are My Sunshine, Ten Little Angels, and Away in a Manager....  As I was walking out the door she asked me this.."Mommy, remember the mean man that was standing in the door the other night when Daddy was reading to me?"  I had to stop and think... There had not been any strange men in our home so I asked her what he looked like...  Her reply "He was a mean man"... 

That night was the first of many nights and days that Nikki would talk about this "mean" man....  I would ask her what "mean" looked like - She would point to elderly people.. So I came to the conclusion that she was talking about an "older" person...  As the days and nights went by her knowledge of this man grew bigger...  He was a mean/old man - he had to go to the hospital because he had a big 'owie' in his leg...  Every night she would talk about it .... Every day as well, it seemed that the minute we left our neighborhood in  the car - it was a trigger for her to talk about him more....

To say that Dusty (the husband/daddy) and I were getting a little freaked is an understatement.  We had no idea what to do ..... what to think...  So I talked to my sister and a friend who were both Christians, whereas, I was technically but not spiritually at the time...  Both my sister and friend believed that there was either a demon or an angel in my kid's room..  I thought they were both drinking too much of the Kool-aid - so I basically ignored them.. Until....

Several months later, I was holding my youngest daughter as I was bringing her up the stairs for  her nap...  Kara was maybe 18 months - maybe 2 years old...  As we were walking up the stairs - she points to Nikki's room and asked "Whose that?"  I did not see anything - I told her no one was there - and she said..... "Whose the man?"  as she continually pointed her finger at Nikki's room - I asked what man?  She pointed again and said "That man!"  So I ran walked downstairs deciding it was not a good time for a nap after all....  As Kara played in her playpen - I made a call....

I was told  (by my friend and sister) that any demon or spirit must leave if I tell them to...  That God was in charge....  Because the enemy cannot hear my thoughts - I had to say it out loud..... Soooo the next day while the kids were in nursery school.

I went into Nikki's bedroom - I did it in broad daylight - I've watched way too many scary movies to even think about going in there at night...  I stood in the door way at first scared out of my freaking mind and said this... "God said that you have to leave - You are not welcome here - so get the Hell out"..   I am completely serious - I walked more into the room and opened the window to help whoever/whatever get out...  My chill to the bone was gone.... and what's more???

Nikki Never talked about or saw the mean man again....... Kara either...


  1. Yeesh! That is really frightening. I'm glad he never came back.

  2. Wow, that is one freaky experience! I'm just glad the "mean man" went away. Whatever works.

  3. Oooh, I love this stuff ! It freaks me out, but I love it!

  4. I didn't realize you were blogging again. I'm caught up now. I'm sorry to hear you've been through the ringer. I'm pretty sure I still have your phone number. Think I'll give you a shout to see how you are doing.



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