Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love Dare Day 10

Today's challenge was to do something out of the ordinary for Dusty - something that proves that my love is based on choice and nothing more. Today was the day for "wifely" duties in addition to my twelve hour work day. Thankfully, I work out of my home office so I was able to do six loads of laundry to help Dusty get ready for his Mexican Cruise he is taking without me.... It's an office worries there...That's one thing I can say is I trust Dusty's faithfulness 100%. I have never doubted it. So back to doing something out of the ordinary. Well laundry is ordinary. Cleaning house, you got it ordinary.. The only thing I could think of was to offer to drive him to the cruise "old self" would suggest a coworker take him. I think he was surprised that I offered. Another thing I did that was out of the ordinary was when we he got home from work I stopped what I was doing and hugged him.. Granted it was an awkward hug not something we do often anymore...even Kara my daughter gave me a wide eyed look. It's sad to me that my daughters thinks it's strange when I hug or kiss their dad.. They should be used to it... I hoping to change the strange to ordinary...
I think Dusty is starting to realize that there are times when he talks to me in a very condescending way. Today for example, I washed all the laundry and instead noticing that his clean clothes were neatly folded on the couch to go up...he yelled downstairs and said "Didn't you wash any of my clothes" in a very sacrastic way. Instead of yelling at him and calling him a blind idiot I said they are right on the couch would you like me to bring them up? When I brought the clothes upstairs to him.. He apologized without me saying a thing... It's amazing what happens when you don't feed off of someone elses negativity....Things a might be a changin....
Love is unconditional. The only way love can last a lifetime is if it's unconditional. The truth is this: love is not dtermined by the one being loved but rather the one choosing to love. 1John 4:10 In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.... I will no longer say "I love your because...." I will now say,"I love you, period!
Tomorrow's love dare is to meet a need for Dusty....until then..


  1. What a wonderful testimony to the power we have to influence our relationships when we act in a Christlike manner. I'm excited you are doing this challenge and it will be need to see the progression.

    Thanks for your support on my blog. I appreciate it!


  2. i am enjoying reading up on your journey through the love dare!

    I just wanted to draw attention to something you said. How your husband is 100% faithful and you dont have to worry about that at all. REALLY think about that and ENJOY that security. SO MANY couples (including me) do not have that luxury. I can't imagine how glorious it would be to have a relationship full of trust without any doubt. That is really amazing! what a gift from God. :o)

    I just wanted to point that out. have a great day.



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