Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Love Dare Day 9

I was very excited about today's love dare. Dusty has been away in Sacramento since Monday morning and was coming home tonight. Today's Love dare was to think of a specific way to greet your spouse. Do it with a smile and with enthusiasm. Well a lot has happened since Dusty flew up to Northern California. I had a huge surprise ready for him.
In December we bought an awesome 52 inch screen TV with all the bells and whistles, the only problem was we didn't know how we were going to display it. Hang it or get a cabinet. This subject has been in debate for over ten month, even before we got the TV. Well, we finally agreed on a cabinet and of course the cabinet was on back order.....Two weeks ago the cabinet came in to the warehouse.... The big problem was that we wanted to save a few bucks so instead of paying for set up and delivery, we opted to pick it up.....What the heck were we thinking..... Long story....the two boxes that the cabinet came in has been sitting in our garage and they are so heavy you need a fork lift to lift them up.... I asked our Sunday school teacher and his son if they would help set the cabinet and TV up so when Dusty came home on Wednesday he would be surprise...Thank you, Joel and Ryan!!!!! I had a hard time containing my excitement. I am horrible at keeping my mouth shut...Don't tell me any secrets.. I was good and Dusty was very happy and surprised..... Not the Tom Cruise jumping on the couch excited....but he was jumping up and down inside...
I am a person that loves to share good news with people. If I won $5 in a lottery scratch off and then I walked into a elevator filled with strangers, I'd share my exciting news....that's just me. Something big happened today, something really good for my business... Dusty was getting ready to fly home and I called him on his cell phone to share my great news..... Now you have to understand Dusty. He is the ultimate professional who only is interested in results not want can or should happen. I guess it comes from being a VP of Sales and hearing the reps say things like...they'll buy real soon.... or I have the order I just need the signature...get the picture... so when I told Dusty of my great opportunity it was okay, so how many loans have you closed this month...not a oh my gosh let's plan that Bahamas trip or wow you are just awesome..... so I called my sister and my mom and I got the "wows and that is so great" Women are different than men.....I guess that's why so many relationship books sell.... That's why I'm doing this dare.....I found myself a little bummed, but you know what? I get it.. Now if I really get those 50-60 new loans and if I really fund those loans.... I'm thinking that Dusty will honestly do a Tom Cruise...something to look forward too.... The lesson learned from this dare....Love makes good impressions. Greet one another with a kiss. I need to think about how I greet Dusty when I wake up in the morning, when I come downstairs, when he walks in the door from work, and any other time we see each other. What a difference it would be if I showed Dusty that I am happy to see him... I know when he shows happiness to see me, the world is a little brighter. I think about how I greet my daughters when I pick them up from school. I am happy to see them and we kiss and hug... When I greet Dusty we usually grunt... Love is a choice. So I choose to change my greeting by choosing love....
Love Dare Day 10 is to do something out of the ordinary for Dusty. Something that proves that my love is based on choice and nothing else... until then...

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