Friday, May 8, 2009

Being A Mom Is Hard

One of the most difficult things about being a mom is that we are NEVER off duty!!!! I have a home office where I own a contract loan processing business and when times are busy in the mortgage industry things are really busy.. no middle ground...and when it's slow... it's S L O W.
Currently I am putting in fourteen hour days just in my business. There are many benefits to working at home....but today I am having a hard time thinking of any.... oh yeah, I get to be there when my kids get home from school... I get to leave my office and pick up the kids, take them home or to their tennis lessons then I am back to work..... I have to stop work again... to start dinner and while it's cooking - I'm back to work.... or helping kids with homework... After dinner - the kids will clear the table and put dishes in the dishwasher... and you guessed it - I go to the office. Mind you it's not always like this but in the times of Feast or Famine (in this economy), I am going to work it.
My dear husband arrives home (if he's in town) around 6:00 PM.. He changes his clothes and turns the TV on to whatever sporting event he can find... Yeah - Baseball...again.. NOT..... Asks when dinner is ready... and turns into a Zombie TV man...... he is oblivious to what is going around him....the kids fighting, the dog barking, the oven timer blaring.......
Today, I am frustrated.... can ya tell? Dusty and I were talking as spouses often do and he was inquiring to the reasoning behind having a housekeeper clean the house today - since I work from home... He suggested that maybe I should use better time management... coming from the man that takes Five steps to eat a taco..... I asked him calming - where he thinks I could improve.... Well, he says.... (I can feel my temperature rising) you can clean the kitchen before you start your work day.... and while you are in between calls you can do the laundry... and pick up the rest of the house when you're not busy......I just want to scream....
Let's see.. Today, I woke up at 6:30 AM, took a quick shower, made the kids breakfast and lunch, drove them to school, came home and there were two messages from clients.. not sure where I have time "before work" to clean the kitchen... .. I could rant some more.. but I just got to stop...... That's my own version of my pity party for the day.....
A mom's job is hard.. not to say the dad's job isn't - it is.. I'm thankful that Dusty can provide a wonderful home for us.. I know he hates traveling all the time and I know he would rather be with me and the kids....but I find myself getting jealous that he can get away... get away and have a bed to himself (when he's gone - I wake up with my munchkin next to me), eat out for every meal, and not have to worry about getting everything done so dinner can be made, or the homework is done...... Being a mom is hard....
The rewards of being a mom are numerous.... I love my kids and husband more than I can say....even when I pick up my husband from the airport and his luggage is lost....and I drive round and round and round and round for a hour.... only to have him jump in the car and ask what I'm making for dinner....... he saw the look of utter tonight we had takeout man..

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