Saturday, May 9, 2009

There IS No Space On MySpace For My Kid

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Lori Drew a mother of a thirteen year old girl created a MySpace profile in the name of Josh Evans. Her reason for this was to flirt with and destroy an ex-friend of her daughter's.. another thirteen girl named Megan Meier. This mother would purposely go on line pretending to be a boy named Josh and actively flirt with Megan... Megan started falling for "him". After several weeks of flirting, Josh aka Lori Drew sent Megan a message that said "You're a shitty person, and the world would be a better place without you in it" A mother said this!!!! to a thirteen year old girl!!!!! A short time after Megan received this MySpace message - she hung herself in her bedroom.. and died...

Is this awful, horrible, and disgusting mother a murderer? I don't know.... Should she serve jail time for her unbelievable acts of cruelty? Again I don't know.... I do think she needs to pay for her actions through the proper legal channels but I don't know what that would be...

This is a Prime example for why I am not allowing my kids to have a MySpace page.... This "friendship network" can be dangerous.. Other reasons I Just Say No are:

There is no censorship of any kind - the language on the pages I have seen use more dirty words in one sentence than most people use in a lifetime... the pictures can be as graphic as pornography and the subjects that appear on many of the pages are not subjects I want my kids to partake in... I know I can't control everything my kids see... I am not naive...but I can control their computer time and sites....
Kids can post a lot of personal information about themselves on MySpace and that could be opening the door for child predators or cyberstalkers..... There are many sad cases that have been reported... think about all the cases that have not been report....
Kids can be mean - some think it's funny to post horrible things about others. Or in the case of this horrible mother, Lori Drew who deliberately set out to hurt a child....many grown ups are worse than the kids...

Call me old fashioned.... but I would prefer my kids to go outside and play..... or read a book.... They can even play on their computer....that's not connected to the Internet.. Just do something that they can be productive, educational, and fun.... They don't need to post sexy pictures of themselves on MySpace or look at someone elses..... I'm going to to try to keep my kids' innocence for as long as I can...


  1. I so agree with you. Myspace seems to be prone to these kinds of issues. I think you are a smart and loving Mom for saying no.

  2. I would never let my kids use my space until they were 18. This mom stalked and set this girl up for a hard fall and I believe what she did is called manslaughter with intent to do harm. She should pay to the fullest extent of the law. I have no sympathy for her at all.

  3. I agree. I don't want my children on MySpace or Facebook until they are adults as well. I think kids are becoming to adult too soon. I know this makes me weird and old fashioned, but there used to be other ways you could connect with friends!



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