Monday, July 6, 2009

Families That Pray Together Stay Together

Good things happen to families that go to church together. It's hard for me to imagine my life... my kids' lives.. my husband's life without God being the center.. the focus.. God does not care what church you go too... A great friend of mine holds "church" at her home along with her husband every Saturday night and the people who would not ordinarily go to church in a "corporate church environment" go to her home church.... they are meeting God up close and personal... and that is what God sees.. Going to church strengthens us because of the like-mindedness of the faith of those present. Of course no church is perfect and going to church does not make you a Christian but a supernatural experience does occur and good things will happen because of your obedience.

Personally for me - I enjoy Sunday mornings. I like meeting with my Home Builder's (parents with children/teens) Sunday school group. Everyone in that Sunday school room - I can call a true friend... my supporter... my sister or brother. My girls enjoy getting together with their friends in Sunday school to have a little fun, talk, and debate before the actual service. One of the things that I find amazing is that in our small Sunday school discussions - we will touch on a subject that we feel needs to be further discussed and/or studied and then we go to the church service and somehow - the sermon covers what we were discussing... it was not planned by us or the pastor... it is such a God thing.. when you open the door for Him - He does walk through and He loves to show His love for us!!!

In the last couple of years - I have found myself craving more of Him. My prayer time is continuous - my love for Him is stronger - my trust in Him is better.. I know it is because I have wrapped myself in His word.. He no longer is a stranger whom I worship... He is my Father whom I have an one on one relationship with and I want others to enjoy the kinship I have...

One of the things I love to witness is my daughters praying... whether it be at mealtime, in their room, or together. Their words come from their heart... I love that... I love the old saying - "A family that prays together... stay together.."


  1. So true! I've noticed that kids whose families are active in a church often do better in school too.

  2. I thank God for blessing us with a Christ-centered home also. Sure can't take credit for it myself!



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