Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Real Man - My Husband

One of the things I love about my husband Dusty is that he is a REAL man. He is self assured and confident. He never has the need to prove himself... his actions and results speak for themselves. He is by far the smartest person I know... and I like that. In my personal and business life he is the person I go to for answers and advice... He is an excellent leader and team player - a man of many talents.
I have often asked him in the past why he does not toot his own horn when others talk about themselves.... and his reply has always been the same... I do not need too - my results speak for themselves. For example, he is a very good golfer - it's his passion (besides me) - when we were dating, I too golfed and I thought I was pretty good - I was in a golf class in college and I would tease him in our conversations that I could beat him on the course... he would chuckle and say he looked forward to it... The day came and the guy shot under par! Granted we were on a par 3 course at the time - but the guy shot under par!!! I learned my lesson.. He will often play with others who talk about how great their game is and Dusty will smile and let them talk in hopes that the person is as good as they claim to be..... The results always speak at the end of the 18th hole... it's funny to me that the ones who praise themselves the most are the ones who do the worst...
When others talk about how successful they are... Dusty listens.. he feels no need to brag about himself.. he feels no need to one up anyone - that to me is a real man - in his quiet confidence.. in his humbleness... I am learning from him everyday...
Recently I have learned a valuable lesson from him... in my anger and pride I wanted to lash out at someone... someone who I feel values themselves so highly that they need to look down to see God... someone that boasts and boasts about their own greatness.... I wanted to put this person in their place... this was my pride... my arrogance... my sin....
Dusty explained to me his thoughts on one upping someone and on being humble. He explained that you never "win" or glorify God by trying to prove that you're right... The only authority I need to be concerned with is what does God think.. by my actions and thoughts - and if I am tearing someone down because they bug me and I want to prove them wrong in so many is not the right thing to do....I would be bringing myself down to the level I abhor.. I need to sit back and pray for a humble heart.. a forgiving heart... and let them boast... let them act superior by their words and actions and pray that someday they to will understand they are not glorifying God by constantly glorifying themselves - because in the end it's not about them or me.... it's about putting God first by our words, our actions, and our thoughts.

Thank you, Dusty for being the man I married.. the man I can look up too. the man I feel very proud of.... and for being a real man... I love you.


  1. What a great tribute to your husband. His attitude speaks far more than his words ever could. I need to work on that kind of attitude!

  2. You DO have a MANLY Man (smile). My hubby golfs also and looooves the game as well. Wonderful kuddos to your husband.

  3. I love this!!! you know, my hubby is the same way...simple man, confident and humble. makes me love him more every day! ♥

  4. I love this post. Thanks Kelly (and Dusty) for reminding us where our priorities should lie. Dusty sounds like a wonderful husband.

  5. I enjoyed this post.

    Thank you for following my little blog.



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