Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Respecting Views and Beliefs of Others

One of the things I find very sad is that some people can get very belligerent if you don't agree with their views... whether it be - the stock market, religion, politics, or whatever topic they are promoting....We are all entitled to our beliefs - it's how we approach and respect one another that counts... not whether we are right or not....

I find it very disrespectful when a person will tell me I am wrong in a condescending way... as if I have no idea what I am talking about.. They assume they are superior and everyone else is wrong. They assume they are the experts just because they say so... The ones that usually assume this position are the ones who are sorely lacking in any upper education.... the school of hard knocks does not count... saying they are knowledgeable because they have an opinion - does not make them an expert .. saying they have studied a particular subject does not make them an expert..

I have learned that most of those who are experts in their chosen field are excited about debating... are excited about sharing... and do not get upset when others question their beliefs... I have found that "rightly educated" people have much more tolerance and grace...The uneducated ones with their lack of tolerance and understanding only makes them appear arrogant... and that is not good.. Believe me - no one is impressed.. name dropping doesn't work... A person does not gain the knowledge of an expert just by association... I wish that were true because - I would be really smart. There are many people I look up too..

Being oneself and accepting the fact that they don't know it all and respecting others opinions - that will bring the respect they crave.. The "I know everything attitude" just makes people back away.. and one little note - just because people are not getting in a debate with you does not mean they agree with you.. it means that your arrogance has caused them to close their ears to you... all they hear is blah blah blah..

One of the things I am trying to teach my children is to respect others. Respect different opinions, different religions, different taste in music.. in food, and other numerous differences. We live in a country with many different sides and if we cannot show respect and tolerance we are lost... we are divided... and being divided we cannot be strong...we cannot be united.

Show tolerance for other opinions. Do not tell others they are wrong without hard evidence to support your beliefs.... and many times a belief is a belief... Do not attack others by claiming that they lack the knowledge to represent their beliefs.... because that makes you look ignorant.. Don't turn your back on people who question your knowledge but rather embrace the idea of sharing what you know and a difference of opinion is okay... don't always try to win over someone to your way of thinking.. don't say things like "I don't care what you think" or "I don't care if you agree with me" those are fighting and hateful words.... especially if you follow up by saying "You have to know you are wrong" or "In the future be accurate in your facts" Comments like this only belittle the person and make you look like a bully...Don't be the person that if you don't get your way you cut off communication and go pout... Be the grown up... Show respect...and show the love that God wants you to show... Remember it's not about you.....

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