Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Forgotten In Daycare!

Last week in Johnston, R.I., a 9 month old baby was left in a daycare... The workers forgot he was there!!! The mom was late picking him up and the the daycare workers forgot he was there!!! Yes, I am repeating myself..... I'm thinking how is this possible????
When my kids were in daycare as infants - there was one (1) daycare provider for every three (3) babies.... So I just find it so hard to believe that a 9 month old baby could be forgotten.. When the mother arrived late to pick up her son at My Special Place Early Learning Center located at 6 Borden Ave, Johnson, RI 02919 - she found the center to be locked and no one around..... A neighbor heard the distraught mother banging and yelling on the door and helped her to break in... There she found her baby - her little boy crying his head off.....
I know that if it were my kid being abandoned like that - it would take a lot of people to hold me back... a whole lot of people..... You hurt my kid.... the wrath of Mama Bear will come out with fangs and claws.. I think most moms reading this will completely agree.
You would think that the center would say how sorry they were and my gosh this is awful.... Please let us make it up to you - a free month of service or whatever.. but you know what was said???? The owner Jessica Faiola, blamed the mom!!!!! She said that the child's mom did not sign the baby in when she dropped him off... She calls is a "crazy mistake" and doesn't want to point any fingers.... huh??? The finger should be pointed at herself... or is that just me???
Kevin Savage, of the state Dept. of Children, Youth, and Families, has said that the center has been put on probation..
Watch the video below and see the the owner talking to the reports... I just want to yell at her... or is that just me too? You decide..


  1. I saw this on the news and was amazed and quite irritated with the owner. I want to yell at her too!

  2. Okay, so maybe the mother did forget to sign in does that mean that the baby was left alone all day then? How does a baby get forgotten at a day care anyway? How frightening for that baby to be crying like that and no one come to comfort him.

  3. I can't seem to get past the picture in the post of the baby taped up to the wall! What the...?

  4. That's SCARY! I grew up in day cares and I know they weren't nearly as cautious as they are'd think in ADDITION to checking the list to make sure everyone was checked out that somebody would do a run-through of the facility!



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