Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Kid Is Becoming Me.....

I am beginning to think that I have become old.... To my thirteen daughter's horror - I have no problem going to the store sans make up... sans brushed hair - a clip holding my hair away from my face is okay for me.... and my clothes.. who cares .. I'M GOING TO THE STORE!!!!

The other day - I picked up my car keys to go to Target.. my kids of course ask if they could come.. sure I say - Nikki, (the 13 year old) runs upstairs... Nikki - I'm going now - are you coming or not.... Coming I hear.... still no Nik... Okay - I'm leaving without you - I holler and proceed to go to the garage... open the door... get in the car... and here comes Nikki - she changed from casual shorts and tee shirt to her favorite skinny jeans and a duel tank top number.... her once clean and wholesome face is now covered with make up... Her hair styled.... She gets in the car and whips out her make up mirror and continues to groom herself... I roll my eyes... she rolls them back at me......

As we were driving to Target - I start to think that my kid has become so vain... it's driving me nuts... We can't go anywhere without her dolling herself up and then I remember a conversation I had with my sister a few years back.... My sister was telling me how frustrated she used to get with me.. why you ask... because I would never leave the house without my make up on, my hair done, and I had to have the "right" clothes on...

It's crazy how my kid is becoming me...... but it makes sense because I have become my mother... the circle of life......


  1. LOL! It drives my daughter crazy when I go to the store w/o makeup too. My daughter and yours should get together. They could take their time about getting ready when one is in a hurry! : )

  2. You never know who you may run into at Target :-) Actually, I remember those days. I would not leave the house with out my makeup on, hair done etc. It used to drive my parents crazy!

  3. Definitely the cycle of life. The difference being that your kids could see someone from school -- possibly a boy they like -- at Target while you know there's not going to be anyone there you care to impress!

  4. I like the way you brought it all together -- your daughter is becoming you and you are becoming your mother -- it's so true. Same thing going on at my house. My daughter's hair and outfit have to be perfect before she'll leave the house, whereas I just make sure my clothes are clean and hair is brushed. She praises me to high heaven everytime I wear makeup or a nice outfit -- trying to use psychology on me to get me to do it more often. It's a riot and I Love it. I told her that soon I'm going to be wearing red and purple everyday and color my hair however I want - I'm old and can do whatever I want now. She half believes me and is scared . . .

  5. I still have to put my makeup on before I go out. I think I always will.

  6. How true it is. I can see my mother in me, and myself in my daughter, too.



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