Monday, August 17, 2009

What Happened To Discreet?

This past weekend - my daughters and I joined Dusty (my husband) in Las Vegas.. He had been in Chicago and then flew into Vegas which is only about a four (4) hour drive from our home... He had been gone over a week and we missed him and we looked forward to having a relaxing weekend in the desert together.. What made it nicer is that we had two (2) free nights at the Flamingo. The Flamingo has a great pool area with several mini slides in a tropical paradise.... I love to stand in the freezing water with the sun beating on me and read one of my racy novels... Okay, I know I should be reading something inspirational or maybe an autobiography of a great person but I love my romantic suspense novels.. I love to get swept away by the fictional romance - Nowadays, I never have time to read.. unless it's work, church, or kid related....
On Friday night, Dusty surprised us by taking us to see the Blue Man Group - great and funny show. The kids loved it! If you have not seen the show yet - it's a must see if you ever make it out to Las Vegas..
Friday night was a beautiful night and we decided to walk from the Flamingo to the Venetian Hotel where the Blue Man Group performed. I was completely shocked and disgusted on our walk. Lined up a long the the strip were the solicitors that pass out the fliers for girls to come to your room. The fliers were actual pictures of naked women.. The fliers were card sized and they were everywhere.. All over the sidewalk - for all to see - very vivid pictures. The shirts the solicitors wore said this, " If you are in the mood for nude - a girl will be in your room in 20 minutes"..... I am not kidding....
I know these guys have been around for a very long time - but they used to be somewhat discreet. The fliers used to be copies of sexy women - women with some type of clothes on. And the guys would never ever ever pass out a flier to a man that was with a woman..... Now, the solicitors were trying to pass out pictures of naked women to my husband while he was holding hands with my eleven (11) year old daughter!!!!!
I came to realize that many things have come to pass - 1. the difficult economy we are in is causing companies that were once somewhat discreet to becoming desperate for business and discreet - no longer exists... Seriously, there was a line of ten (10) solicitors standing together - in the olden days - there was one guy on each block... 2. People have become harden to pornography - it's not a big deal anymore... On the billboard signs - there was nudity.... 3. Vegas, at one time was trying to go family friendly - well in a tough economy the family friendly venue flew out the window - as we were walking through the Excalibur to the midway - we walked right past a bar in the middle of the morning with a stripper.... Right next to the entrance to the kid zone.... Excalibur never did anything like that before.... 3. Desperate times calls for desperate measures and sex sells...
I have learned a hard lesson and unfortunately my kids did too... I can say beyond a shadow - that it will be a very long time before I take my kids back to Vegas..

Watch the Blue Group - Below


  1. It sounds nice except for the porn--ugh. When my child sees something that is not appropriate I just talk about it-how it is not God's l=plan-and it proves there is evil--I can;t pretend it is not there. It might even be a chance to remember tp pray for the girls or business--I guess I like the idea of "turning it around"--as in all things work for good..anyway--how on earth can yhou keep up with 3 blogs woman?
    Peace to you-

  2. We drove west this year and one of our stops was Vegas. We did not venture out at night, but we still found the city not family friendly. There was just too much cigarette smoke and no matter where we went we could not escape it.

  3. Now comes the part where you tell us that you've decided not to read those type of novels anymore because they gave you nightmares. Why just the other night you dreamed "my daughters and I joined Dusty (my husband) in Las Vegas.. "

  4. Going to Vegas doesn't appeal to me because I've heard there is so much of that kind of thing going on. It's sad that so many people are caught up in it.
    I love the Blue Man group. I've never seen them in person, but my daughter was able to see them and loved the show. Glad you had a good time, most of the time!

  5. I live in Las Vegas and us locals know that Vegas is not family based. We even stay away from the Strip.

  6. I posted about the locals distaste of The Strip.

  7. Ah yes, the guys with the naked fliers. I was in Las Vegas in 2002 for my sister's wedding and they were doing it then. They handed one to my sister's future brother-in-law, who was also preacher in their wedding, while he walked down the street holding hands with his very pregnant wife.



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