Monday, August 10, 2009

Morning Snuggles

I remember when I was a little girl, I would wake up super early on Saturday mornings to watch my favorite cartoons. Sometimes, I would be so early that I would only see test patterns.... But no matter how early I awoke, my dad would be sitting in his chair - reading the morning paper with his cup of hot tea... I would jump on his lap and ask for a sip of his sweet hot tea... By the age of six, I was making his tea and my tea on those quiet Saturday mornings... That is a happy memory I have of my dad....

When my kids were little they would wake up super early on Saturday mornings - I would hear their little feet run across the upstairs landing to my bedroom... Dusty and I would pretend to still be a sleep and then two squirmy, warm, and giggly girls would jump in our bed... We would turn the TV on and watch cartoons while we snuggled.... I hope this is a happy memory when my girls are moms.....

Today, I have a thirteen year old that woke up at noon... and my eleven year old that woke up at 6 AM to ride in the car to the airport to say goodbye to her daddy.....and when we got home.... she jumped in my bed and we snuggled.... happy memory for me...


  1. Those pictures are so sweet! I remember those morning snuggles too. How nice you got to get another chance at one with an 11 year old. As you know, the older they get the less often it happens.

  2. I couldn't pay my 13 year old son to snuggle with me.

  3. There's no way my 13 year old would snuggle either except if she wants

  4. My 16 year old is not a snuggler, but sometimes my 12 year olds still will.

  5. I miss Saturday morning cartoons. I guess cartoons are on 24/7 really...but it takes away something from it.

  6. I believe I know what you mean. I take advantage of every snuggle time I get because I know that soon it will be too cool to snuggle anymore.



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