Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Daughter Cinderella

Today I just had to laugh at my oldest daughter... the attitude of a thirteen year old hormonal drama queen....

First off , I like to believe my kids have a pretty privileged life. They both have their own rooms with their own TV sets, IPODS, DSLites, computers, and bathroom.. They go to a very nice private Christian school, they live in sunny California, they play tennis 3-4 days a week with a great coach, and they get a monthly allowance of $20 that goes into their savings account for future endeavors and $5 a week allowance for helping around the house when asked... When I have a big project, I will also add bonuses to the allowance..... Oh, one more thing - they've been to Disneyland 9 times in the last 3 weeks... I'm not bragging - I'm just setting the drama up.... They do not lack for attention - I am a very hands on mom and my husband is very involved too... I am very lucky to be able to work from my home office so I am basically at my kids beck and call.... most of the time anyway...

So to the drama.... After church, we like to get all the laundry done, clean up the backyard, and basically straighten up the house.... Today, my husband gave the task of folding the laundry to my oldest ( 85% of the clothes are hers - she changes 3-5 times a day -seriously). In addition to the laundry, she was to put all the shoes lying around the house away - again mostly hers, and she needed to pick up the dog poop.... I did it yesterday- so there was very little.... My youngest also had her share of chores.. We are equal opportunity chore givers.....

Husband: After your done putting your clothes away - don't forget to pick up the dog poop..

Daughter: I feel like a slave - I always have to do everything around here.....

Husband: Are you serious?

Daughter: Yes, there's a show on TV I want to watch... (eyes tearing up) I don't
understand why I have to do this - that's what moms are for..... and I am on summer vacation! (stomps off to room)

Husband: Laughs... "Don't forget the dog poop, Cinderella!"

Life is just so difficult for kids today..... The funny thing about the story it's a show she had seen - oh about 10 times........


  1. Our teen will tell you the same story. That's teens for you.

  2. Yes - I think all teens can have their share of drama. Tell her this when she is older and then she will "get" it!

  3. My daughter feels the same way. I am so terrible to make her do any type of chores.
    Obviously, she had so much to do today. No wonder she felt like a slave. lol

  4. What I found the funniest was "that's what mom's are for". It just cracked me up. I still find it funny when I write you about it.

  5. That's what moms are for???

    If there's one thing I've learned, it's that we ALL grow up and appreciate what we put our moms through, especially once we've had kids. I've never had kids but even being around my boyfriend's daughter every other weekend, I realize how hard I made things on my mom and feel bad about it!

  6. I know what you mean, I have a 13 year old drama King !

  7. Where do they get off thinking the mother is supposed to do everything? I HATE it when my boys EXPECT me to do things. You know what, thanks for sharing this post. My boys are cooking their own breakfast this morning! The nerve of teenagers! I guess it should be expected, but it still gets my blood boiling!



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