Monday, October 12, 2009

Lie To Me

One of my new favorite shows is 'Lie To Me'. It started last year and it hooked me on the first show... It's about a business that specializes in reading people to determine if they are telling the truth or not... I love the way they will show a body gesture of someone they are interrogating and compare it with a body gesture of a well known liar - I would love to have that talent with my kids.. or maybe not.. Maybe sometimes ignorance is bliss... I haven't decided on that one yet.

As most shows do eventually it tries to draw you into the personal lives of the characters. A show is never happy just presenting the fun stuff - like finding the truth tellers and the liars... The show wants you to connect with the people in it too. The main character is a divorced dad - he also is the owner of the business and the King of the reading people... He has a young teenage daughter and an ex wife that he still loves on occasion..

Last week's episode kind of made me mad - I would love to hear your opinion too.

The story line was a member of a fraternity was accused of raping a minor. The minor was a girl in the same clique as the owner's daughter. The owner/dad was asking his daughter if she knew these girls and she pretended to not really know them.... He could read that she was lying.. He walked into her bedroom - where her body language showed that she was hiding something... He opened the drawer and found two fake identification cards and birth control pills... The daughter is mad and yelling at her dad... The ex-wife comes in and says he should have left the pills alone - at least she hasn't started taking them yet......

As it turns out the girl that was "raped" set up the entire seduction - posing as a college girl and to add insult to injury she tapes it - the camera is found and some knuckle head posts it on the Internet. When the owner/father looks at the camera - he finds his daughter's picture posing with the rest of the seduction posse at her school.. Granted the daughter was not part of the seduction thing... But she did use the fake ID's to get into clubs.... and the pills were just in case.... The end of the show.. the father returns the pills to his daughter and hugs her..... show over.. That really got my goat!

As parents - I believe it is our duty to try our best to have our kids not grow up too fast.. There is a reason the legal age to drink is 21... I would not allow my 15/16 year old kid to have a fake ID... and go on the pill... I hope that my kids will wait until they are older.... I am not blind and ignorant to the fact there is a possibility that my kid may go on the pill without my knowledge.... (I did) but I would not drive her to the clinic... I would not hug her and say it's great you're on the pill..... or that I am so proud of you for thinking of safety... I would be saying "What the heck (I believe my words would be a little more colorful) are you thinking - You're 15 years old... You're 16 years old.. Getting pregnant would be least of your problems, Missy!" I don't believe we should condone under age drinking and pre-martial sex - I think we need to make it as difficult as possible for them to attend a "drinking party" or have alone time with their boyfriend or any other guy for that matter... I am not going to let it be easy for them to do any of these things.... and if my kid decides to have sex - I really don't want to know about it..... because if I do - I have no idea how I would handle it... I would love to say - I would handle it with love and understanding.... but until it (and I hope it won't) happens - I'm just going to have to wonder....


  1. ya know i have been so curious about this show now im totally going to watch it!

  2. You've piqued my interest in the show now. I'm not sure what to make of the dad's reaction though.

  3. Kelly,

    I too believe as parents we can only do the best job we can at assuring our kids about the outcomes and consequences of making bad decisions and not seeing things thoroughly. My oldest daughter and I have spoken about staying pure til marriage based on my past experiences and her future ones. I can only hope and pray that God will lead her in the right direction and hope that her choice in friends and potential boyfriends value these very same things so they can keep each other accountable.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. I have seen commercials for the show, but not the show itself. I am going to have to make some time to watch it. It looks and sounds interesting!

    I think it is much harder for parents these days. Back when we were kids, MTV was just getting started and only played music. Now they have shows like "16 & Pregnant" and "True Life" which seem to promote out-of-control behaviors.

  5. Now I will have to watch the show. I am curious.
    My daughter's bf told me recently, "Did you know you can get an abortion in Ga. w/o telling your parents?"
    Me: "Where did you get this info?"
    BF: "It's in my US government textbook."

  6. I remember wanting to go on the pill when I was 18. My mom was not for it...but I was trying to tell her I wanted to go on it to clear my skin up. She and I both knew that was bull! In the end, she allowed me to do it but she gave me a speech about what sexual activity meant.



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