Friday, October 23, 2009

Reality TV Parents - Shame On You!

One of my biggest peeves is reality TV - especially when it exploits children.... TV stations no longer care about people... all they care about is rating and advertising dollars... Parents like Jon and Kate (plus 8) do not care about their children as much as they care about themselves - just watch any tabloid news show and you'll see Jon and Kate tearing each other apart.... I truly feel sorry for the kids especially when they get old enough to see what their parents did for "fame and "fortune" Jon and Kate say they do the show for the kids... yeah right.. They do it for themselves.. In my opinion parents who truly love their kids and have their kids' best interest at heart don't exploit them for money... gimme a break..

Last week one of one my clients called me and said for me to turn on the TV - there was a balloon in the air and a little boy was stuck in it.... Every news station was covering this. I watched the balloon with a million other people - praying that the child will be okay... I remember thinking in the back of mind - I bet this is a hoax... It just didn't ring right. The balloon landed and no boy - then people became fearful that he fell out and there was a mad search for him - but thankfully the little boy was fine - he was hiding in a box in the attic.. When the father asked him on a morning TV show - why he stayed in the box - the little slipped and said "I stayed in the box because you told me too"..... the father ignored that comment and proceeded to talk about something else..... the poor little boy was so traumatized he vomited right in the middle of the interview...

As the details of this story unravel - we have come to learn that the parents are reality TV junkies - they were on Wife Swap a couple of times and have been trying to be on TV any way they can... We need to have some laws to prevent these things from happening.. You see it all over TV - people getting paid - famous for doing the wrong thing... it is so very sad to me...

What do you think should be done?


  1. This is all sad and depression and I wish there were more laws to protect those innocent children who will be effected the rest of their lives because of this.

  2. It is absolutely sickening! How dare that man do this to his children! That poor little boy. Something needs to be done to these parents. I saw clips of them on Wife Swap and apparently, both parents have anger issues. Someone needs to step in for the sake of those boys.

  3. I don't really care about Jon and Kate to be honest with you. It's the Plus 8 that has my heart. I read somewhere that the children are struggling. Does this really come as a shock to them? All I know is there but for the Grace of God go I and someone needs to be there for those children. What about the grandparents and/or do they have grandparents?

  4. I saw that and watched as they chased down the balloon. I think the family should be billed the $26,000 for the cost of what it took. Maybe they need a nanny 911 to go in and teach them how to parent better. :} Sarah

  5. Kelly, I agree with you. I detest just about all reality shows. I was a huge fan of Top Chef but it has become too showy for me, like they create controversy.

    But the ones with kids, it is shameful. Makes me terribly sad. But it is our culture's new normal. And that is even more pathetic.

  6. It's nothing less than tragic what these two sets of parents are doing to their children. I can only imagine the long term effects this behavior will have on them.

    If there was a way within the legal system, they should all be charged with child abuse.

    Sad. And all in the name of $$$$$$

  7. I couldn't believe the audacity of those parents to make their child hide in a box in the attic! I was completely appalled. I hope justice is brought to that family and those kids are given to a loving home.

  8. I think the crazy balloon family are completely and obviously out of their minds, although I'm not sure what can be done about it. Certainly, the authorities should take whatever legal action is applicable and force the parents to attend parenting classes, assign a caseworker, etc? What's really sad is that appalling as it seems to us, there are so many more children living in MUCH MUCH worse circumstances.

    Jon & Kate... I don't know. I think they agreed to do the show, thinking it would provide opportunities, financially and otherwise, that they might not be able to alone for their children. What's sad is the effect it's seemed to have on the marriage. I think both parents (and TLC) should have agreed to stop production of the show immediately (contract or NOT!) and let them attend to the well-being of their children privately during such a difficult time. If you ask me, it's not necessarily the show that's having the negative impact on the kids so much as the parents (very public) separation.

  9. Whatever happened to good old work? How about they get a job and show their children what the real responsibilities of raising a family are. I really have no patience for the whining lot of them. Those poor kids will grow up with a deluded sense of entitlement.

  10. Fame and fortune work hand in hand to seduce and lure into temptation. No one is exempt, not even parents. This is a very sad state of affairs.



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