Thursday, January 21, 2010

We Are Not In California Anymore...

In the 44 years (my entire life) I have lived in Sunny Southern California, I have never seen weather like this.... I live in a part of the state that if there are a few sprinkles on the ground the news declares it an emergency and the headlines read "Storm Watch"...

Last week we were warned of severe weather conditions - and like most Southern Californians - I chose to not pay attention - due to the past drama - how many times can a person here "Storm Watch" only to see my lawn get a few drops??? Well, I should have listened.... Not only are we having cloud bursts like I have never seen or heard before - we are having tornadoes - serious Dorthy go get your ruby shoes tornadoes.

Several schools in our area were on lock down due to the tornado watch - this is so NOT California!!!

The other day - I was in the backyard in the pouring rain sweeping out the drains because debris had clogged them and my backyard was becoming a lake... Thankfully - the mission was a success but my feet stayed cold for hours afterwards..... Note to self - Do not wear flip flops in the rain.....

Huntington Beach Pier - I eat at that restaurant often.

My sister, Debbie took this around the corner from her home.

This is very close to my home.... Maybe I should move to Kansas?


  1. That's incredible! The weather this year is psychotic!

  2. Wow - crazy weather! It's bad enough that you have to deal with earthquakes, but now tornadoes too!

  3. WOW..thanks for sharing!!
    Blessings, andrea

  4. yikes! I love exciting weather... just not THAT close to home... I am in Wa ... it rains here..flip flops only 2 mo. out of the year in my back yard! I always wanted to live in Sunny CA... hm... note to self... ;) kidding! still hope to live there one day! hope you have sunshine again!

  5. I've heard about your crazy weather on the national news last night and today. It even made my local news! Here's hopeing that you dry out soon!

  6. All the rain and tornadoes, too? Are you sure you're not in Kansas?
    Be careful out there. I hear more rain was coming today.

  7. That is crazy for California. We get that kind of rain in OK. We get those little F1 tornadoes all the time too. It's the big F4 or F5 mothers that will have us running for cover. Hopefully you have sunny days coming.

  8. Tornadoes? In California? Yikes!!

    That one picture looks like a water spout (a tornado that forms over a body of water)

    stay safe!!

  9. CRAZY weather, right?? I had heard that there were tornado warnings, but did not catch where!

    Glad you are all safe - Looks as if the storms are clearing now...

  10. amazing photos!! I think everyone is having strange weather this winter. uncommon to what we usually have. things are a changin!!

  11. Just make sure you take your ruby red slippers if you go to Kansas! The weather has been weird.

  12. I'm so glad I don't live in Cali anymore. I'm glad you're safe though. :)

  13. Wow, that is crazy. I am thanking my stars that we aren't experiencing anything like that!

  14. Wow! I must say that the pier picture is very interesting. Alhought I wouldn't want to be near it when that was happening.



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