Friday, January 22, 2010

A Real Housewife Is Down and Dirty

I was talking to a friend of mine today about his addiction to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" This led to the conversation about what is a REAL honest to goodness housewife...

On the "Real Housewives of Orange County" they make a mockery of women in Orange County - I live in Orange County and I personally do not know one friend that has 2 nannies and a housekeeper to help with her three (3) children..... Nor have I ever attended a Botox party - and (I can honestly say - I never will) I don't work out everyday - many days I don't wear make up.... I don't have a personal trainer..... Never had an affair.... and I have never had plastic surgery...

I believe I am the typical and REAL Orange county housewife.... I am usually wearing something comfortable..... I have hundreds of balls in the air at any given time... My husband, my children, and my God come first.... You'll see me juggling a career - paying the bills, taking the kids to school - sports - friends homes - making dinner - cleaning the house and trying so hard to have quality time with the husband....

A typical housewife - loves her family.... her friends... Her main concern is providing a loving and healthy home for her family..... being a friend... helpmate... and lover to her husband... A role model, mother, and someone her kids can trust. A "Real" housewife is real - down and dirty real.... has your hair in a ponytail - breaks your fingernail - screaming lunatic (at times) real....

So my dear fellow "women" blogger friends - I bet if you look in the mirror - you will see a Real Housewife too..... Here's to the REAL women of the World..... The Real Down and Dirty Housewife......

These women are NOT the typical housewife.... funny..


  1. I've never seen that show, but that doesn't sound too real!

  2. Real housewives don't watch Real Housewives of Orange County. LOL! I am ever the smartypants, huh?

  3. Love it! Way to defend the REAL women of OC!

  4. Yes, they don't seem like the typical or real housewives anywhere in the United States! They are crazy, spoiled, unrealistic housewives, maybe, but not real.

  5. I've never seen ANY of those shows, so I watched the clip -- and I agree with what Amo up there said... I don't know any REAL housewives who act like that!!

  6. I had never watched the show either - after talking to my friend - I watched a couple clips and determined there is no way these "women" are real housewives....
    Thanks for the comments!~
    Love to you

  7. I dropped in on this show a couple of times, and it seriously makes me ill!

    Yes,these women are in no way REAL!!

    I'll take my juggling several responsibilities, pressures of a housewife and Mom any day over the superficial, phony and LONELY lives of those folks!

    Okay, stepping off my soapbox now...



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