Monday, February 8, 2010

Football Fan For The Day..

I am so NOT a football fan.... Never watch it... So when Super Bowl Sunday came - I thought I would rest.... watch a chic flick.... read.... sleep.... Anything but watch the game... I am a Rebel... So, the husband and kids went to our neighbors to watch the game.... Right when I got into a pretty good REM cycle - the phone rings...
Dusty (husband) - "When do you think you can come over?"
Me whining "I don't wanna - I'm resting..."

Dusty - "The girls will come get you at half time"
Me: "Um - no thanks..."

Then the anti-neighborly guilt hits me.... so I walk over to the neighbors -thinking I'll only be there for a while.... I have to be friendly - ya know.... I am glad I did... The game was incredible - right from the moment I sat down to watch - close scoring... good plays.... I was on the on the edge of my seat.... All along I wanted the Saints to win mostly due to the fact most of my friends were Colt fans and I had to be the "Rebel" - yeah me.. The game got so good - I was up jumping and yelling and clapping - Dusty looked at me as if I were insane...

In this instance - I was a football fan for the day (Dusty don't get any ideas) I was very touched at the end when one of the star player (don't ask me the name - I don't watch football, remember) was holding his toddler (the baby had headphones on) and tears were in the players eyes.... just thinking about that moment makes me well up too.... What an incredible moment to share with his family...


  1. I'm not a football fan, either and I got caught up in the whole thing last night, too.

  2. I seriously do not understand American Football... but sounds like it was fab :)

  3. I didn't watch it at all. Instead went to my bedroom and channel surfed because there was nothing on...

  4. I don't watch pro football either but I did watch some of the superbowl. It was a really good game! I was rooting for the Saints too.

  5. Who knew deep down inside of you was a Football Fanatic at heart? :) Seriously though, I could see myself doing what you did. When my Blue Jays were in the World Series (and they won!) I couldn't sit still. It's the reason I don't watch those games. I get too worked up inside I can't stand it. :)

  6. I do like football. It was a great game for sure.. Thanks for stopping by the other day.. I see you have a few blogs is this the main blog to find you on? Have a great day. I am hosting a Round Robin on Friday 2/12 if you want to join stop on by..

  7. Yay Saints! Watched bits and pieces. I hope this victory brings home to New Orleans. Lord knows they could use the encouragement!

  8. nope...never catch me doin that... =) now the Winter Olympics... ice skating... I might be watching! hee hee
    Just Jenn~



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