Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Squirt Time

This morning my kids informed me that our family is different than All of their friends... First I thought that comment was funny because I remember as a kid that I thought ALL my friends lived in a far more fun and cool home.... So I asked my kids - What makes us different...

Well, we want to go to Lauren's house because her parents let her eat candy whenever she wants.. and if we go over - Lauren said that her parents would buy more candy for us..... She doesn't have to ask like we do....

Well, when I go to Disneyland with Emily her dad - has "squirt time" and makes us wash our hands with hand sanitizer after every ride ... And when we get to her house - we have to take our shoes off and go wash our hands..... You don't care if we wear shoes in the house and if we wash our hands or not....

Well, Lizzie parents let her date boys..... (she's 13) - You don't even let me talk on the phone to boys.. (she has never had a call from a boy to test this theory - but I like her way of thinking!)

Well, all my friends get to stay up late... You make me go to bed by 10:30!

What made me laugh the most was after hearing their numerous "complaints" - I realized more than ever - that Yes, I HAVE BECOME MY MOTHER! and you know what? That's not a bad thing..... On a side note - my youngest thinks that Emily's dad is a little weird with the "Squirt Time".......


  1. Lol about squirt time. I agree with Emily, that is a little ocd. : )

  2. Your daughter *wants* y'all to be more like Emily's dad? Alrighty then!! I haven't minded being like my mother so far, either -- but I'm still not looking forward to hearing these things, and I'm sure it's going to start happening sooner rather than later now that the older one is in kindergarten! :-)

  3. Having raised 5 kids and now beginning the "grandkid" journey....I am chuckling b/c I fielded these same ?s and comments.
    Hugs, andrea

  4. Oh Kelly! They just make me laugh! I too went through these comments, and trust me... One day they will thank you for not being like so-and-so's parents... Good for you for staying true to yourself!

  5. Laughing with you! I can't wait!!! (sitting at age 9 just now... still childlike in so many ways... for this I am thankful!) hee hee
    Just Jenn~

  6. These are just the times that I sound like my mother. Mirror mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all...

  7. LOL I've become your Mother too! Love me some sanitzer:)



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