Friday, March 5, 2010

Respect Is Not An Option

One of the things I am having the most difficult time dealing with is the highs and lows of my hormonal daughters.. I don't remember acting this way when I was their age - maybe it's because my parents were stricter.... or maybe I have blacked out that particular emotion - who knows but I am running out of patience .... and I do not like it!

Last night was open house at their school... I was browsing through my 6th grader's class and she was showing me the different projects she and her friends had completed so far this year - then... walks in the boy - the boy she has a major crush on... All of sudden - she is talking to me in a voice of disrespect like nothing I had ever heard.... No flipping idea where it came from... She starts walking away from me when I was talking - it was crazy.. All because the boy that she likes walked in? I did not want to embarrass her so I waited until we were out of the room to ask her what the heck was wrong with her.. and she said she did not now.....

Later we went to the open quad where a band was playing - my junior higher wanted to go hang and dance with a few of her posse friends while I went to the silent auction and gym to view the Art Masters - I told her I would be back in about a half hour or so.... She acted like she did not know me and gave her water bottle to my other daughter who promptly said she did not want to hold it - the junior higher looked at both of us like we were crazy and turned around with her nose up in the air.... I tell you this behavior - although I believe it is pretty typical -it is not something I find acceptable..

Today when I arrived at the school to pick up the kids my 6th grader told me she wanted to spend the night with her friend - I thought it would be fine - her friend was trying to call her mom but kept getting voice mail - I told her that we'll call later to see if it could would work out... My kid did not like that option - she wanted me to just let her wait for the mom and kind of push herself on them and go to her friend's house - the attitude - I tell you.... What was funny was her little friend was watching this exchange and she said if I treated my mom like you are treating your mom - I wouldn't be going anywhere except home to write 1000 sentences saying, "I will respect my parents".... At that moment, I think my kid got it - what she was doing was not cool.. it was stupid... it was disrespectful...

I realize that both of my girls are growing up - finding themselves - thinking their friends - their crushes are more important.... I completely get that... But Respect is NOT an Option..... I will demand respect and if talking doesn't work - if discipline doesn't work..... I could always take them to school in a bathrobe and curlers.... or better yet a bikini..... Now that I believe would scare them straight.... Let's hope for the parents and children of their school it doesn't come to that!


  1. My girls only tried that on me a couple of times. My response, "WHO are you talking to, because I KNOW it is not me." LOL! It worked, fortunately.

    If I had ever talked to my mom that way, I would have expected to be backhanded. She never did that, but I would have expected it, so I didn't do it. LOL!

    Hoping it gets better for you!

  2. You are a wonderful Mother! Respect is not an option, that's for sure! Good for you!

    I came across your blog through "Friday Follow". I am really enjoying meeting so many wonderful people though this feature. I am now one of your followers through Google Friend Connect.

    Have an excellent weekend!! <3

  3. My sixth grader rolled her eyes at me and called my stupid once. And I set her straight about ever doing that again by saying "When you are with your friends, you can talk to them about how stupid you think I am. You will never speak to ME like that again." I'm surprised it worked on the first try, but it did. So far anyway...

  4. I wish more of my students' Moms were like you! Good job Mom!!!

  5. Ugh, I am right there with you, only she's still in ELEMENTARY school. *sigh* Happy Friday Follow!

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  7. I think you're a wonderful mom.

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  8. Hi! Thanks for the follow & am now following you back. Havce a lovely (and hopefully respect-filled)weekend!

  9. I am thrilled that this has happened to you. It lets me know I'm not alone. :) I've tried to get to the bottom of it and I am not making excuses. I just think at the moment they are trying to impress someone with how grown up they are. It doesn't help their case when mom is right there. I'm not excusing the behavior by any means. I'm just trying to understand it because if I can understand it then I will know how to address it more effectively. "If any of you lack wisdom..."

  10. Kelly, my oldest son just turned 13 two weeks ago. He has been using his attitude on me for a while. Sometimes it can be something as simple as my asking whether he wants a waffle for breakfast. I get that he's going through those teen angst years. Like you, I need him to realize that disrespect isn't acceptable. Looks like these teen years are going to be a bumpy ride. Great post!!

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  12. I hear ya on the R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

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    Yep...have a 9th grader myself...and I roll my eyes to heaven on a VERY regular basis. :)

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  16. I'm following from Follow Friday and yes, I too would like to know where has the respect gone, when my kids dish it out, they get punished, but apparently I'm not doing that job as well as my parents did it :)

  17. not looking forward to the hormones!

  18. I am glad that is somewhat over for me but with 2 girls I don't think the drama ever ends!!

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