Friday, July 30, 2010

A Touch Of The Homesickness......

I remember when I went away to 6th grade camp... I was so excited to go away for the first time without my parents.... On the fourth (4th) day - I became sick and developed a fever.... The camp counselor drove me down the mountain through the snow covered roads.. At the base of the mountain - my parents picked me up and took me home. When I arrived home - I slept for a few hours.. woke up - fever gone and I was hungry for a Taco Bell -Burrito Supreme....

Today - I received a phone call from my oldest daughter- she's been spending time with her grandma (my mom) and having a great time..... Today- even though she is having fun - she said that she wasn't feeling good and thought she might have a fever.... I asked my mom if she felt warm and she did not think so.....

The phone call reminded me of my 6th grade camp experience - even though I was having a great time with my classmates - I was homesick and my homesickness became a fever and when I got home - I was miraculously well... I have a strong suspension that my "I want to be grown up and independent daughter" has a touch of "The Homesickness"....

I look forward to seeing her tomorrow.... I miss her too.


  1. Oh I used to get SO homesick! I can totally relate.

  2. I still get homesick when I'm away from home! I'm glad she's coming home tomorrow!

  3. Oh my gosh, I have missed you. I am not sure if my reader was messed up or what but I haven't been seeing you. I still get homesick sometimes

  4. I bet she'll love a hug from you. I know that homesick feeling.

  5. I got sick at camp. I barfed for two days. They never even thought about sending me home, just put me on a big rock in the sunshine with a jug of water and left me there to not contaminate the whole bunch of kids. I guess things work out in the end. I got better and had a blast after all. No one else caught the bug either. The homesick part was missing my own bed and toilet to barf in. Rosemary

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