Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Six Month Job Hunt

Seven months ago my husband (D) called me from his cell phone... He called to let me know that the company he had been working for the past three years had eliminated all the sales management positions on the west coast which included him.. Of course he was bummed to not have a job but he knew that this particular job and company was not for him....

You see, three and half years ago he worked for a company that he loved - a company he had worked his way up the corporate ladder... He had been there twenty-three years then the company was sold to a large competitor... Needless to say - the competitor laid off all the upper management of the company that D worked for.. To say it was a major shock to lose a job that he excelled at and loved would be an understatement.. This was the first time he had been without a job...

Instead of waiting for the perfect job to come along - he had been offered a position within four (4) months with a company that was in a completely different field and he took it.. He was not happy there.. But D is not one to complain... Never did he complain.. He always gave 100% in everything he did and this job was not an exception.. I knew he wasn't happy because I know him.. He loves the sale... He loves managing direct sales... He loves busy busy busy... and this company was a company that moved at a snail's pace... It was a company that was hurting and did not know how to get out of the hole they had put themselves in.... D saw the writing on the wall so.... About a year ago he started to contact people in the industry he had left - the one he loved... He was making connections.... and when he lost his job seven months ago - he was already ahead of the game... One of the connections he had made is his new boss today..... We just did not know it at the time....

Right away D signed up with The and Career Builders. He updated his Linkedin and he called everyone he knew in the industry.. He contacted every headhunter that he knew... He was networking and after living this experience with D - I have to say getting a job that you want or any job for that matter is all about networking... The on line sites like The Ladders and Career Builders are not sites I would recommend... ever. We spent hundreds of dollars on these sites only to receive advertisements.. Not one headhunter responded.. Not one lead call returned.. In today's unemployment overload - there are too many people without jobs... To get a job - you have to work at it everyday... You have to stand out.. You have to be persistent... Getting a job has to be your 9-5 job... You cannot sit around - fill in a couple of application on line and say that you are honestly trying.... You have to get out there... NETWORK.... NETWORK... NETWORK..

Within the first month - he had a lead for a position in Memphis, Tennessee - The hiring manager all but told him the job was his... I was very excited about the opportunity to move and D was excited to get back into his field choice and to work with someone he knew.... Well the position fizzled and the hiring manager was let go... There were a few more interviews all over the United States... He interviewed for positions in San Francisco, Kansas, Texas, North Carolina, and Oregon.... I knew that D really wanted a position where we would not move - he loves our home... so do I but I was definitely receptive to a change - I have lived in Southern California my entire life and I was open to change... but staying here is great too!

Well D's networking and persistence finally paid off - he received an offer two weeks ago to lead the sales management team for the Western Region... From Washington to Southern California... he also covers Hawaii... (Aloha!!! ) We get to stay exactly where we are.... In the past two weeks - He has been to Portland 3 times, San Francisco 2 times, and New York one time... and He is LOVING IT...

To those who are without a job right now and are looking... Be that squeaky wheel... Talk to everyone you know.... Word of mouth is the best tool today.... Take advantage of it and Best Wishes to you.......


  1. What a blessing.
    My husband is on his second layoff in a year. His last positon only lasted 4 months.
    We're praying that he finds a living wage position someday. In the meantime, we're cutting corners and trying to survive.

  2. I just completed a link to your post.
    I hope that it will bring some comfort to those that are unemployed and underemployed.

  3. Rona - thank you. I will pray for you and your family - I promise. Love to you, Kelly

  4. Amen sister, you are so right on! It is all about who you know and who you have worked with in the pass that will get you the job. Rarely is it because you filled out an on line application. Congrads to hubby, I'm glad he likes his new job!

  5. Kelly,

    I've lately been telling people who are looking for jobs to do just what you all did, network and talk to others and let them know what you are interested.

    Congratulations for finally finding the perfect one. You give the rest of us hope to keep pushing forward.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Hooray! I'm so happy to hear this. And it's such a blessing that he loves it!

  7. I am absolutely thrilled for you all!!!!

  8. That's wonderful that your hubby found a job that he loves and now you don't have to move either!!

  9. Thanks for sharing. I popped over from Rona's blog. My hubby has been out of work a few times as well. He's been at the same job now for almost 4 years. But just a couple weeks ago the swing shift went away, that he was working. Now he's day shift and lost his shift differential pay, which will hurt a bit. We are just gonna do the best we can right now. At least he's got a job which is a blessing! God will see us through, as he always does. God bless!

  10. Congratulations!!! That is absolutely wonderful!! And thank you for sharing and stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it :)

  11. What a great story. I am so happy that things have worked out for you.



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